Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm so sorry I have been missing like for thousand years. I have a big problem with the dorm internet and also the free proxy program to open all these locked sites. Some people said that one of free proxy program was found out by chinese government, so all of us here are trying to find the new program. I'm using the old proxy right now, thanks God I'm log on to Blogspot! I miss my blog, I miss writing in here, I have bunch story to tell actually, and I miss all of you guys! ): I will check on your page right now before the connection have a relapse again, kkk. Love ya!



  1. thanks so much for your comment jane, you're so sweet! i miss you more! you're here since i started my blog, hope you still continue writing here...

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  2. I've been away for ages too and I really missed posting and the people here. I hope you get the internet sorted soon.


  3. I know that China is a bummer, You have to use proxy to open websites !

  4. hhhaha. me too. last post is September but now i am come back again


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