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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Around three weeks ago, my best buddy, Jessica, told me about this personality test. It was pretty fun because I was searching about online personality test too. I had been taking different types of personality tests since I was in school. My daddy, who is a counselor and a grapholog, sometimes helps me to find out too. I am always curious about myself. Sometimes I feel I am hundred percent know much about myself, but the other day I am feeling strange, unfamiliar with myself. But I think it's normal especially for us who are in the 20s stage. We are busy seeking for identity day to day, through what we do or the way we think. We are very weird yet complicated creature ever, when actually God simply made us from dust. But does it mean we are very unique in our own way?

This personality test is very easy to do, and I loveeee the way they explain for each personality. They even let us to explore our kind of personality (our strengths&weakness, in a relationship, career paths, etc). What makes my eyes wider, there are so many kind of people in this world! 

When I plan to write this post, I took my test once again and the result is still the same. I got myself: INFJ

I am little surprised with the fact I am one of INFJs. I am kinda a helper, which means I don't ever think myself is a helper hehe. But mostly this personality speaks loud for me. Like in friendship, an INFJ seeks out someone who shares every facet of passion and imagination. That is even more obvious, because I only own few people in my life to share dreams with.

It is really fun and excited to find out what kind of a person we are. Jessica always reminds me to "be friend" with ourselves. Because no matter how we know much about the others, knowing ourselves more is even better. And the most important thing that we can't forget is, to remember The One who created us. Stay awesome, people! 

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  1. Ah, that sounds interesting although I usually don't believe in those tests, haha... I'm not even sure of my own identity yet either!! I'm sort of taking the test right now as I read through blogs, LOL... interesting that we can rate the answer on a scale... and it actually seems like a LEGIT, professional test, haha! I'm definitely gonna go until the end~ X

    Chic Nikkie

  2. Woa woa woa
    We have same personality!!! 😆 Welcome to rare personality club ci hehehe

    1. Kok kamu bisa nyasar ke postingan ini sih? wkwkwk

      Yaaaaay hello fellow lone wolf! 😝

    2. 🤣🤣🤣
      Aku lagi nyari pos cc yang tentang live in
      Di mana si ci? Aku uda buka-bukain satu-satu arsipnya, ga nemu judul yang sesuai hahaha
      Eh terus pas liat pos ini, gatel pengen komen wkwkwk

    3. Yaaampun, yang live in itu mah ada di blog lamaku, Friss. Udah di-private jadi nggak bisa diakses untuk umum wkwkwwk 😝 banyak aib yang tak layak untuk dikonsumsi secara publik 🙈

    4. Oalaaa pantesan!!! Aku uda curiga itu ada di blog lama cici hahaha 🤣