Sisters Meet-Up in Bali

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's funny when I have my friends come to Bali for (their) holiday and they ask me to give a tour to some places, it turns to be my holiday too. This happened when my favorite girlfriend was here around two weeks ago. You guys probably guess who is she already huh? Yes, it's Miss Taniady!

She has planned her visit to Bali from last year, she even got crazy cheap tickets for it. She was about to spend for eight days (I guess?) here, but since she just started her new job a few months ago, so five days maybe enough (while the truth was NOT enough hehe). We had too much fun, too much food, too much laughs and talks. I just love the time we've spent together.

I didn't take so many pictures with my camera, since Sastika was bringing her brand new camera. I'll just share some pictures from mine, and I took some from her too.  

 This lady was taking pictures endlessly and always makes me wait for minutes when it comes to eating. For this case, my coffee. Anyway, look at that face haha.

 And now it's my turn to take my latte!

On the most famous beach in Bali (you know where), waiting for the sunset. I love the colors on this picture, lovely!

Sisters selfie!

I let her share the rest of (our) holiday pictures on her blog. Oh crap, I've missed those times already. At the end of the holiday, after I sent her to the airport with my Mom, I felt... okay, just a little bit... sad. No more chit-chats before bed, no more strolling around the town with the red bike, no more brunch at a fancy little cafe, but I believe there must be another great time that we can meet again. Okay, I should stop here or my cheesy mode is about to start again haha. Well, I'll see you again sister! Have a great everyone, stay awesome!

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