Favorite Things and Unseen 2014

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's only one day left until we greet 2015, I'm beyond excited for a new year! This year has been passed just like that, but I am so glad I am standing strong right here right now. 

What do you guys plan to do? 

New year's eve this time we just spend the night at home, since Bali is loaded, going outside definitely not a good idea. Here I am writing my favorite things in 2014 and some unseen photos. Looking back always feel good, those memories remind me again how amazing things happened because of God's grace. I hope you guys have a great one. Happy (soon) new year! 

1. The first month of this year, I and Andreas started to look for our wedding's venue, along with our family. We only went for three venues because wedding chapel in Bali is too much and too tempting! Good news: We booked and fully paid already! 
3. My first teaching experience not in a regular class. I was teaching Mandarin in a resort for their staffs. Absolutely amazing experience! 
4. My best friend made a visit to Bali, out of nowhere! It was like my birthday surprise but not. 
5. First Nyepi experience. I got goosebumps how the entire island "turn off" the electricity and activities for a whole day. 
7. Officially 12 months in Bali!
8. The soft opening for our family business first outlet, Jesrisoles. Blessed blessed!
10. Wedding preparations and marriage stuff are getting so serious.
12. Move my butt finally to hit the gym. 
13. Started a new online business: VFeetShoes. 
14. Turning 23 - last stop being a single lady. 
16. Collecting my gratitude things in this gratitude jar for a year.
17. Christmas's lesson this year: Enjoy every little thing with a grateful heart, they are God's miracles. 
18. Year-end family getaway! 
20. Finished 488 pages of Twivortiare2 by Ika Natassa in two nights. 

Anyway, still praying for AirAsia QZ8501, such heartbreaking news at the end of the year ): My prayers and thoughts with families and friends, stay strong and God is with us.



  1. what a year! :)
    gonna make a post like this too maybe today or tomorrow hehe *blame my lazy-ness

  2. Kayanya saya sudah pernah comment tapi ga masuk ya, jadi komen lagi dehh hihi. Yay so glad I made it to the list LOL *serasa menang award*.

    I felt happy too when reading the list, you have done great last year. But but but this year will be a lot crazier yaa I expect hahaha. Cheers for 2015 dear ♥