The Delicious Cake

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A daughter was telling her mother how everything was going wrong. "I am failing Algebra. My boyfriend just broke up with me, and my best friend is moving away," she wailed. Her mom listened patiently, and then asked, "I made a cake for dinner. Would you like a snack?" The girl grinned and said, "Sure, Mom. I love your cake." The mom smiled and asked, "How about some cooking oil?" The daughter look surprised at the offer and responded with a loud "Yuk!" The mom tried again, "How about some raw eggs?" With a look of confusion, the daughter said, "Gross, Mom!". With a smile, the mother offered, "Would you like some flour or maybe a cup of baking soda?" The daughter responded, "Mom, all of those things are gross!" The mother cut a piece of cake and placed it on plate with a fork. As she handed the delicious snack to her daughter, she explained, "Honey, all of those things seem bad when you think about eating them alone, but when they put together in right way, they make a delicious cake.
-"Can We Really Trust God", Girlfriends in God devotion

I love this short conversation between a mom with her little girl. I sometimes wonder how God works for me and my family. We often don't understand why He allows some difficult times into our life. 

Suatu malam sebelum tidur, seperti biasa I got night phone call from Andreas. Saat itu aku nggak gitu fokus dengan apa yang dibicarakan because my mind took me somewhere else. Tanpa sadar saat dia lagi ngomong aku potong. He could say already that must be something wrong from my shaky voice. Hari itu rasanya lelah dan capek banget, habis dapat kabar yang nggak enak. If I don't tell him then who else? Nggak beberapa menit kemudian tangis pun pecah. Long story short, I was telling him something that really personal about my life and what was just happening. I was battling with myself for almost five years. Ada satu masa di mana sempat ngerasa I'm totally useless and failed. Aku merasa nggak berkontribusi banyak buat keluarga. Mengambil keputusan untuk kerja tujuh bulan sebagai barista adalah satu dari sekian hal yang bisa aku lakukan buat keluarga. I know gaji nggak seberapa dan suara-suara nggak enak seperti, "Nggak salah kamu lulusan S1 luar negeri jadi tukang kopi?" pun sudah terbiasa dikonsumsi. Something in my past suddenly trying to knock my heart and mind. Aku mulai sering menyalahkan diri sendiri di saat orang lain di sekitar nggak tahu apa yang sebenarnya terjadi.

I know everyone is dealing with different kind of life issues, yang bikin berbeda adalah reaksi masing-masing orang. Dalam kasusku sendiri, mengasihani diri berlarut-larut nggak akan ada gunanya. Saat hampir jatuh di kegelapan, I finally saw the glimmer of light. Tuhan kasih kesempatan untuk aku berdamai dengan masa lalu dan ngasih kekuatan ekstra untuk menjalani apa yang ada sekarang. Kalau belum cukup puas dengan apa yang terjadi, bersyukur dan keep moving. Kalau nggak suka dengan cara kerja yang sekarang, berubah dan lebih giat lagi. There is no room for the past, we never get back to change it, we only can to do what's in present.

Sorry for a little bit gloomy post on the first day of 2015, I just want to tell about something that really matters. Only God can take your broken pieces into something beautiful, just like the cake. Sometimes He offers something that we think so gross and asks Him just let us enjoy the cake alone. Only Him who can put everything together in His way, our part is just to keep trusting Him and His love for us. 

Let's make a promise in 2015: forgive your past, enjoy the process while we waiting for the delicious cake that God has prepared! Cheers for a new year, new hope and new dreams. Stay awesome my loves!


  1. I love your positive outlook despite the issues you might have going on in your life right now. Cheers to a new year and keep it up! Things have a way of working out in the end some how. :)

  2. Aaaa I just read this. Cheer up my dear, everything will get better in time :) You have potential inside you and you're gonna make it I believe! Semangat sayaaaang #hugs