Monday Favorites #4

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! What's your plan for today? I went to the gym this morning and joined Zumba class for second time. I came home with awesomeeeee feeling! Seriously they said exercise gives you happy endorphins, I think they're absolutely right. Here some my favorite links today, I hope everyone of you have a good one. Stay awesome!

"Having a broken heart was the best and worst gift I've ever received", Diana said. She's happy after all. 

They are talking about Starbucks' new drink: Flat White. I don't even know flat white isn't that popular in US. Flat white is popular when I was working in Starbucks. Later I knew, it was invented by Australians. Maybe that's why flat white always in every cafe's coffee menu, many Australians here in Bali. If you are not a latte person, I urge you to try flat white. 

These beautiful quotes are soooo refreshing! A little reminder how we can enjoy a happy life by thanking God about His miracles in our every day life. Starting now, girls! 

One of my 2015 resolution: change my perspective about healthy lifestyle. 

I have my own trouble sleeping sometimes. Last Monday I got trouble sleeping, my brain couldn't stop working. I don't find my best solutions yet, maybe Anne's tips would help.

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