20 Things I Am (Always) Grateful For

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1. Having dinner with beloved family members in the dinning room. We share stories, we share laughs, we share ideas, we share love. 
3. A cup of nice coffee every morning. 
4. Sun for the day, stars for the night. 
5. Warm and fluffy yellow duck to cuddle. 
6. Night phone calls from dearest one: How was your day? Are you ready to sleep?
7. Knowing some people care you that much, maybe better than yourself. 
8. Parents who sometimes like to argue, at the end they just love each other again. Reminds me that true loves are exist.
9. Books that stored on the shelf, so I don't have to worry what to read every time I have trouble of sleeping, instead of counting the sheeps. 
10. A faith that God has given to me. Not because what I have done, but because He loves me in the first place. 
11. Two hands to do my most favorite thing (maybe for a lifetime): writing. 
12. Energy to do Zumba dance every Monday morning for 50 minutes.
13. People who keep coming back to make us fry more risoles for them in our store. Thank you.
14. Awesome people that don't know how to stop doing awesome things. 
15. Learning how to live to the fullest is just to be in the present.
16. Have two brothers that always make your days richer. Three of us like to share every lesson that we have learned.
17. Learning some secrets about life: have a thankful heart is the only way to appreciate everything; give more doesn't make you poor; pray and love people who doesn't (really) like the way you are. 
18. A friend who reminds you to drink plenty of mineral water every day because you drink too much caffeine. 
19. Listening to your favorite song 10 times a day and you will never get tired of it.
20. I was made as what I am. I would spend my lives doing the good things that God had planned for me to do so. A new hope and a good future has given to me.

Inspired by this post written by Brianna Wiest from Thought Catalog

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