Snapshot Sharing 01: Our First Picture Not As A Couple

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snapshot Sharing is a new feature in this blog. Known as #throwback, share one picture back in my life and write a story about it. I will take you to be right there with me. 

ps: Thank you so much Danielle for this sweet idea! 

Since today is a Valentine's Day, I decided to take this picture to share with you. It was taken around five years ago, not the day exactly I met Andreas, we knew each other already but we weren't that close even being good friends that time. I remembered one of my friend couldn't stop teasing us and pushed us to take a picture together. So, with no doubt, don't have any clue... snap! We had done our first picture, not as a couple. Matching shirts (because there was an event in our church), matching glasses and matching poses. When looked back this picture again, I found it was really adorable. Surprisingly, I love it. And of course, I am thankful because we're walking in the same path for almost four years. I love you completely (:

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Spread the love. Muach muach! 


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaa jahatnya kamu bikin aku sirik haha. I love this post! happy val's my dear. anw kasian amat yang mukanya disensor di belakang. please don't tell me that's me LOLOLOL :))))

    1. Ahahahaha tenang aja bukan kamu kok ((: Happy Val's Day too my dearrr ♡