Do You Have Enough For Today?

Monday, August 31, 2015

 credit to A Place For Art

I love reading Bible. If I could say this, Bible could be my most favorite book in this world. I'm not kidding. Sometimes the words in it are confusing, but most of the time, the words make sense to me. 

For this whole month, I have been reading Proverbs again and finished it this morning. The author of Proverbs book should be given a Nobel for his powerful wisdom. I found many times of life quotes on the internet, has taken from Proverbs book. It means the words are applicable in our daily life. 

Here's one of my favorite verse from the book and has become my daily prayer in the morning. This verse below is in Easy-to-read version.

"Don't let me tell lies. And don't make me too rich or too poor- give me only enough food for each day.
If I have too much, I might deny I need You, Lord. But if I'm too poor, I might steal and bring shame to the name of my God." 
-Proverbs 30:8-9

If there's only one first problem in my life (I said if, because we all know there are too much problems in this life hehe), that would be things seem like never enough for me. 

Whether you're a Christian or not, I'm sure we all agree with what the verse above said to us. Sometimes we might become greedy for everything we want in this life. We complain we don't have enough money for living or we don't have enough people to support us about things we do. But only God knows what would happen next if we have too many of those things that we expected. You may skip this part, but if you read Bible, you can check the story when Israelites became wild and greedy when God provided them with bunch of Manna to eat. God was so clear when He told the Israelites to have enough Manna for each day because when things are too much for them, they would leave God alone. As same as when things are too little for them, they would leave God alone too and blame Him for everything. Does it sound familiar to us? When we have too much, we forgot where these all things came from, and when we have too little, we begin to blame The Man up there why He can't provide us more.

So let's think about this. Each day when we wake up in the morning, before we start to complain that we don't have clothes to wear, or we don't have things to eat for breakfast (though there's instant noodle in the cupboard and leftover coffee from last morning), or we don't have enough people to support us...

We always have enough clothes to wear today,
We always have enough coffee and bread for breakfast today, 
We always have enough people that surround us, to give us chance to learn and to grow. 
As long as we realize that those things really be "there" for us and be thankful about it. 

Do you have enough for today? (:


  1. Same here!
    I read 1 Proverbs chapter per day every month all year long
    it's a great book for relationships with God and especially with others! so so many wise wisdom from King Solomon (son of King David)
    and it's perfect to read in the morning so it'll remind you how to lead your day

    keep it up on reading the Bible, Jane
    my spiritual mentor advised me to read 5 chapter of Psalms and 1 chapter of Proverbs everyday so in one month, you'll be finished reading these two book

    let's always be grateful and graceful

    The Sweetest Escape 

  2. Love love love! That verse really reminds us to be always enough for everything, not too much, not too less :) THANKS Ka for the daily reminder!

  3. I agree with is a book of love and wisdom. Thanks for sharing..that verse really got me Jane.