What I Am Looking Forward To

Friday, May 15, 2015

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1. The wedding. Believe it or not, the wedding is five months ahead and I am feeling super bizarre lately. The preparation so far has been well (and I am gonna share the details soon on the blog!). Now I'm dealing with the on-process invitations design and looking for suitable wedding souvenirs. Any ideas, ladies?

2. Honeymoon planning. Andreas and me finally got a chance to search for some places to go for our honeymoon. Honeymoon is another exciting (yet important) thing to plan after the wedding. Every married couple deserves a peaceful honeymoon after the big day. We decided to go somewhere already, wish us luck to get those best-deal tickets!

Anyway, this was happening yesterday:

A: Let's go London for honeymoon!
A: Pengen liat royal baby nih. *screencapstiketsupermahalkelondon*
J: Aku sih nggak masalah ke London (dalam hati: mau dong!), tapi habis pulang honeymoon kamu siap ya makan nasi putih sama tahu tempe. No sushi date for months. Gimana? (dalem hati lagi: lumayan duitnya nabung buat nyicil rumah)
A: Nggak jadi deh. 

Introducing, my future husband, ladies.

3. A project I am currently doing. It's something that is definitely challenging but I just love the opportunity to be able to learn something new. The main idea was coming from my mom, but I am 100% in charge of this project. Can't wait to share updates with you in the future!

4. Plans after married. The most popular question asked by mom and dad. I'm guessing they are quite worried about my life after marriage because I'm gonna move again from this beautiful island to another city. There are some plans I would like to do but still looking for other opportunities to try. Adult life is never easy, I guess?

The whole post today is all about wedding-related, that's pretty normal for me right? Because I have nothing to think or care about except for the whole wedding planning things, well besides my jobs and other activities. I'm proud can say that I'm more confident about my own wedding. Just hope everything is gonna be fine till the big day. Stay awesome people! 


  1. hope everything runs smoothly ci :) And I'm wishing you a blessed marriage life ahead!

    1. Hi Angel (not sure how to call you, sorryy :P), thank youu for your sweet wishes! Good luck for your internship things too! (:

  2. blessed marriages and happiness to you both! i can't read indon, but i think i have a clue of the conversation. kinda made me laugh a little (: hahaha honeymoon to see the royal baby in london ** wink wink **

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for dropping by (: and thank youuu so much for the wishes! That's London things is not gonna happen lolol anyway, nice to know you! (: