My Eyes Are So Blue

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Today was a really great day, I must tell. It has been a week for me to be a "anak rumahan", and finally I got the chance to go out. So this is not an official "go out" for refreshing, I was actually here for a work. Remember my post here, that I mentioned I'm doing a project? These are little sneak peaks of it! Thinking about it I feel so excited already! Please bear with me, soon the project's done, I will tell you for updates. 

Anyway, is it that GOOD and NICE, seeing all blue in your eyes? I've read this somewhere, that one of happiness tricks, is to surround yourself with more blue colors. It really works!

Well, we're still in the middle of the week, hanging there ladies! Have a great one and stay awesome!

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