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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello people, how was your day? I just got back again from the town, to deal with some wedding things and other stuffs. So here I would like to share some my life updates. I know they are nothing for you to care about, but since it's my blog, I want to keep some personal things that I could look up some other days. If you got stumbled on this blog and reading this, I would like to say thanks, and for me you are the special one. Stay awesome! 


1. Having a great time with Andreas's family. 
I had so much difficulties since the begininng when it comes to his family, especially with his parents. Since he is the young boy in the house, and his other brothers and sister have been married for years (and Andreas has keponakan already), it seems like everyone has their own expectations on his "future" wife. I put lots of pressure on myself, and speaking honestly, sometimes I found myself "trying" to be another person that they "wanted". After all, I am on my best when I just being myself, and I believe all they "wanted" from myself, it's myself. So guys, if anyone said to you "ambil hati mertua itu susah", it's true hahaha. But, it doesn't matter when you just being you. And I'm more than happy realising that they treat me as their part of family.

2. Got my perfect Sangjit dress and bridesmaids' dresses. 
I have been searching a perfect dress for my Sangjit day, which is I will be wearing the same dress after the holy matrimony in Bali. I thought it will be so much easier finding the dress than a wedding dress, well... the dress is "the dress", it is really so difficult to find. Until I discovered a store from Instagram and I asked Andreas to take me to the store. Lucky me, they have the dress that I needed. It fits me perfectly when I tried it on. Also I picked some dresses for my bridesmaids, and surprisingly they chose the same design at the same time hahaha. Can't wait for wearing my Sangjit dress and take pictures with my girls on the big day! 

3. One fine day in Bedugul. 
I will end this post with some pictures from our short getaway yesterday. You might ask, getaway on Monday? That sounds great, right? Hahaha. Since I lived in Bali, Bedugul is not a place that I choose for a short trip, because I believe I am more "anak pantai" than "anak gunung". But I guess, I'm starting to love Bedugul. You get fresh air, eye candies everywhere (you can see lots of green and clear sky), it is just so relaxing. Gladly one of my parents friend, who lives in Bedugul, invited us to visit her place. Seriously guys, I didn't expect her place is gonna be awesome! She gave us a home tour and showing us her fields, which she plants all kind of vegetables, fruits and flowers. We ended up brought some "hasil kebun" from her. Of course my Mom was the happiest one hahaha. I thanked God for another day that could spend with my dear family. 

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  1. Yay for new updates! Lancar-lancar buat semua persiapannya yah, I'm excited to wear pretty dress on your wedding too ♥