Eat in Bali: Home Mate

Saturday, July 25, 2015

We just finished our workout and decided to have some nice breakfast that day. Live in Bali for almost two years, I rarely visit some places that people has mentioned alot on Instagram, such as little cute cafes or restaurants. I live not so far from Seminyak area--where popular cafes or restaurants located and most people talk about it, so we decided to make a visit there. Thanks to my random-search on Instagram, I found this cute place called HOME MATE from fellow blogger, Rosalinda Tjioe.

It just a little tiny cafe as I expected. When you enter the place, it feels like you're entering someone's kitchen at home. I suddenly smell fresh fluffy baked pancakes and strong brewed coffee like what my dad always does every morning, homey. 

We ordered "breakfast for two" menu that they offer (Rp150,000, ex tax), it's pretty affordable since it just two of us. "Breakfast for two" serves three kinds of meals (toast, eggs, pancakes) and beverages (coffee/tea). Took us not much time to decide what meals we wanted. We both love eggs and toast, fluffy pancakes for sweet touch, and of course coffee for our energy drink. Speaking of coffee, their coffee is awesome! They use local beans and sell them too in package if you want to brew at home. Cool!

Just right beside the cafe, there's a kind studio or probably a store called Home Mate Store, where they sell most of handmade products, such as: beauty oil, lip balm, natural soap, cute leather pouch, etc. After finished your meal, you may take a look to their store, it must be nice to take some goodies home. Anyway, so sorry I didn't have chance to take some pictures in the store. Too busy with our breakfast.

Personal opinion, Home Mate is a best place for those who want to spend intimate times with beloved ones. Definitely a must visit if you have a chance. 

Jl. Petitenget No. 1A, Seminyak (not far from Livingstone Bakery & Cafe)
(click here for maps) 
Call: (0361) 4731615
Open hours: 7:30 am-10:30 pm 


  1. Nice place! You should visit Creamy Comfort too :) As you can find them on Instagram. Never been there before but I think it's a nice one too. This post might be my references if I go to Bali some day. Thanks!

    1. I will visit that place soon! Soalnya kalau pegi sekarang ini hectic banget. Maklum, lagi hits hahaha. You should come here, I would't even mind to be a "breakfast-date" with you :P

  2. This place is absolutely beautiful when you step inside. Love their entire wall of books and coffee. :)



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