100 Things I Am Grateful For

Monday, July 13, 2015

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Today's post was inspired by my dear friend, Sastika. I made this kind of list before here and this is just another longer version. It feels good after finishing this list, I am kinda surprised because there are lots of little things should be grateful for. We sometimes might have a bad day, but it's not a bad life. Why judges a bad day as a bad life, right? These kind of little things help to brighten up our hard times.

Anyway, since it's Monday, I have to quoted one of my friends, Jessica, she wrote this last week on her Instagram caption and it's worthy to be shared: "I know today it's Monday and you assume it's going to suck, but according to statistics, there will be over 5,000 weddings, 10,000 childbirths, and 42 miliion hugs occuring today throughout the United States. There will be also 600 dogs adopted, 35,000 ballons sold, and 800,000 skittles eaten. Plus, the word "I love you" will be said over 9 miliion times. So again, I know today it's Monday and you assume it's going to suck, but just smile, because according to statistics, it should actually be a really nice day."

Have a great Monday anyone!

1. Drinking hot tea and munching Beng Beng (or KitKat) after shower, especially after you washed your hair too.
2. Trying to learn covering K-Pop dances. 
3. The scent of new purchased books. 
4. Bonchon chicken wings!
5. Accidentaly find favorite bubble drinks counter at mall.
6. Get a chance to visit new places. 
7. Sitting at a coffee shop with your laptop or journal, pretending that you are a professional writer. 
8. Your favorite person in online world, mention/reply one of your messages or comments.
9. Breakfast buffet. 
10. Sushi date! 
11. Cheetos grilled chicken flavor.
12. Strolling at supermarket with Mom. Me in charge for the trolley! 
13. Eating nasi bungkus with kerupuk
14. Making list like this. I love making list; grocery list, favorite list, happiness list, everything!
15. Blogging, of course.  
16. Write my diary before bed.
17. Ngakak sampai nangis plus sakit perut with my family. Imagine it I want to laugh already LOL 
18. Our furry family member, Vika. Wonder why she's always happy.
19. Anomali iced latte, KFC Coffee iced latte, Starbucks iced vanilla latte, Kopi Bali. They're the best! 
20. Fry risoles for our dear customers. 
21. Delivering risoles to our dear customers' home. It's like delivering happiness... I hope our risoles makes them happy. 
22. Night phone calls from my bae. 
23. Strolling around at book store. 
24. Get special discount or complimentary from a place that I usually visit. 
25. Round trip Bali-Jakarta with my bae. 
26. Celebrate anniversary.
27. Anything with Hello Kitty!
28. Seafood dinner at Jimbaran beach.
29. Heart to heart talks with mom and dad. They are my forever favorite mentors.
30. God's unseen works in my life, it helps me to believe that He never leaves.
31. My morning daily bread: praying, reading Bible, reading devotions, journaling and praying again. 
32. Orders from my shoe-online customers.
33. Zumba class.
34. Reading personal letters and cards from lovely friends.
35. Last pack of Indomie goreng in the cupboard when there's nothing to cook for breakfast.
36. Reading my favorite local author's books: Sitta Karina's and Ika Natassa's.
37. Someone notices your new haircut.
38. Wake up in the morning with sound of light-rain outside.
39. Good pen for writing.
40. Breakfast/lunch/dinner/coffee treats for my family.
41. Pink lipstick.
42. Sunday service with my brother.
43. Feeling great with no reasons.
44. Bread/buns with coffee flavor.
45. Watching others morning routine/a day in life videos.
46. Finishing 300 pages of novel in one day.
47. Favorite movie was running on HBO. 
48. Dress up on Sunday. 
49. Blog-reading my favorite bloggers. 
50. Reading or journaling on plane.
51. Bento meal, with cold salad on side. 
52. Eating bakso pake sambel with Teh Botol
53. Family getaway.
54. Write three blog posts in a week.
55. Book-signing event with favorite authors and take picture together. 
56. Fluent in Mandarin, while somehow I'm always complaining myself isn't good enough in English. 
57. When you're told that, "you speak chinese like taiwanese accent!", I always take that as a compliment♥
58. How nice my hair looks on third day since I washed it. Yes, I wash my hair every three days in week.
59. Some friends who I still recall as a "friend". 
60. My "engagement" gift that I will be wearing when I turn 24 this year. 
61. The Harvest brownise cheese cake.
62. Knowing my-self capability. 
63. The longest trip I had with my motorbike: Denpasar-Sanur-Mandara Toll Road-Nusa Dua-Denpasar. Muahahaha #shameless
64. When a store randomly playing one of my favorite jams.
65. Money inside your jeans's pocket. Especially when you need money so badly.
66. Nice and neat hotel bathrooms, with big mirrors for perfect selfie LOL
67. Chinese dishes with sweet and sour sauces.
68. Wearing heels/wedges for whole day. 
69. Clueless boyfriend when he asked me how to tweet and use hashtag on Instagram.
70. Reading magazine during "toilet duty". 
71. When people telling me "rajin" instead of "pinter".
72. Jajanan pasar; kue apek, kue cubit, pukis, dadar gulung, klepon, lupis...
73. Seeing people do or talk something they love and passionate about.  You can see the twinkle in their eyes.
74. Random chats with my girlies. 
75. White sands, beach and coconut water. 
76. Five years relationship with Andreas. 
77. Starbucks drive-thru order makes life easier. 
78. Wearing bright outfits for a day.
79. Entering make-up and perfume sections in department store.
80. Watching EXO's Showtime reality show.
81. J Rabbit's songs.
82. When someone trusting me to do thing.
83. Looking back to old photo albums.
84. Free samples of beauty products.
85. The first sip of iced coffee when I really really need it.
86. Playing piano alone.
87. Being confident with my body shape and weights. #penting
88. Drama series marathon.
89. The moment when the plane is taking off and landing. It might feel scary sometimes, but I'm thankful I can fly and safely landed to somewhere else.
90. Organized book shelf.
91. Watching flowers bloom and other plants that starting to grow.
92. Cold shower after a really hot day!
93. Watching Youtube videos while cardio.
94. Wake up early in the morning and go to the beach for jogging with family.
95. McDonald's breakfast muffin.
96. Making someone laugh and happy.
97. Sharing same hobbies with friends.
98. Nyepi (Silence day) experiences in Bali. Such a magical day.
99. Anything with cookies n cream!
100. SNSD new song comeback!

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  1. totally happy to see a full list of things we can be thankful for!
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