It All Started In Starbucks!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I believe every one of you have your own favorite place to be reminded of. Maybe that will be your school building, because you spent half of your life there or because you met your first crush in that place. And it will be a playground, because you spent half your childhood-life with your childhood friends in there. So many places can be your favorite place because you left some beautiful and fun moments in that place.

Today, I spent my day with my dear roommate, Tika, to prepare our final tests. We went to our favorite coffee shop, and you guess it right, Starbucks! I fell in love with this place since I came to Guangzhou. Sounds cliche if you say. Everybody loves Starbucks, but everybody has different reasons why they love this coffee shop. I love this place for get some inspirations, ideas or just have a ME time. This place has a very great atmosphere that makes you feel like to stay for any longer. I already visited the other Starbucks counters but there's no one makes me like this place do *oh now sounds so cheesy again :P*

good girl! *nerdy*

Well, I won't talk too much. I just want to tell you, this is the time to share your own story which started in Starbucks. The story can be anything, you must upload your picture and tell a story from it. Submit your entry HERE (but first you have to hit the "LIKE" button on "Starbucks Indonesia" Facebook page), read the terms&conditions first, fill the contest form and... TADA! You could be one of five lucky winners to receive FREE Starbucks for A YEAR! *YAY*

The contest deadline until June 26 and the winners will be announced July 1st, so don't waste your time! Oh, the most important, this contest only for INDONESIAN ONLY. 

I have shared my moment and I need your help *if you guys don't mind* to vote my entry here or put my name "REGGIEVIA" on the gallery search box. Thank you for your help, you can tell me if you joined this contest I will vote you too, so... GOOD LUCK! :D


  1. goodluck!!! too bad open for indonesians only ;(

  2. who doesn't love starbucks? I love your photo. you looks simple and casual. super love! I voted you. good luck ya!


  3. Starbucks is great place hehe, good luck on your contest :)

  4. goodluck dear! following you, mind to followback?