So Far being Twenty Two

Friday, December 27, 2013

Being twenty two means, you just don’t even care about what people expects about your life, about what are you going to do or what you have to do for the rest of your life. Life is all about your choices. Don’t live under people expectations unless you want to “mati muda”. Just don’t. 

Being twenty two means, let your heart always be ready for receiving something that you never imagine to happen. Because you know what, life is full of surprises. And like Forrest Gump’s chocolate box, “you never know what you are going to get.” Your life is your chocolate box, taste it, feel it.

Being twenty two means, you realize that there is always somebody besides you, to pursue a dream together. Because “two are betterthan one”. 

Being twenty two means, maybe you are considered too young to make a decision about a thing that lasts for a lifetime. But you just want to prove it that you are mature enough to take the decision. Because again, it’s your life.

Being twenty two means, you can easily enjoy little things around you and simply being happy because of it.
Being twenty two means, allow yourself to take a break and press pause. Why are you just busy doing for nothing? Take a deep breath, look around, you live a beautiful life. Ask yourself, what do you want to do to make this life more counts? Travel somewhere? Write a confession letter? Cook a dish for your dearest one? 

Being twenty two means, let yourself to live at the moment. Be grateful for anything you have at the moment. Don’t let yourself busy counting your blessings, because God provides them all with everything for the sake of our enjoyment. So, simply enjoy them instead. 

And last, being twenty two means you are more than ready to live in another step of new ages. More surprises, more lessons, more blessings, more happiness.

Enjoy your last few days in December 2013. I hope you are doing good. Stay awesome!


  1. I love this post <333 Yay for twenty two!

  2. couldn't help but to think of Taylor Swift "22" song! hehe
    I hope you have the best December too, Jane! and wishing you a very happy 2014 :)

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