Airport Fashion Show: Jessica and Tiffany, SNSD

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do you guys ever hear about Girls' Generation (SNSD) airport fashion? Well if you are a SONE and a fashion observer holic, you probably know about this. If you don't, google to find it! I don't know since when or exactly the "airport fashion" influence the kpop stars in the airport. I'm pretty sure there are also many fashion airport pictures of other artists, but as a big fan, for me, SNSD fashion are the best!

If you want to know about their personal fashion style, don't find it on their album concept or performance outfits, airport fashion is the right answer! SNSD airport always attractive me. As they grow up, their fashion sense has became a huge attention for young people in Korea, especially for the girls. I have one special folder for SNSD airport fashion in my computer. Just in case if I need some outfits ideas! Among the nine girls, I have my favorite airport fashion from SNSD, they are... yes, Jessica and Tiffany!
 This is an old picture from the fall season last year. Jessica is wearing a simple outer and a tee inside. She is a sucker for sunglasses! And the most important thing for her in fall fashion item is... oxford shoes! 

I'm always impressed by Tiffany's airport fashion! She knows how to match the denim jacket with a short-black-dress. And she never forgets to bring her favorite Celine with her. Simple, but gorgeous. Who's with me? :P


  1. omg they're really inspiring !

  2. love both their outfits , can't wait to see ur outfit on the next post :)

  3. I love tiffany's style, comfortable yet so chic! and i LOVE her sunnies!!! <33