Brought Back From Bali

Thursday, August 2, 2012

As my promise before, I dropped by to bring some holiday pictures! Not too many, because I haven’t transfer some pictures in my camera to computer and sorry a little bit too late. I give up for the internet speed here, I miss my dorm’s internet speed ):

Anyway, enjoy my pictures and I still wish you guys have a great holiday and happy fasting for my Moslem friends (: 

 my first day lunch after my family arrived: Ayam Tempoeng! 

Teh Susu from Teh Poci is the best ♥

the great GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana)

Say hi to my Dad! (:

 Little brother seemed so busy building his own castle!

Last but not least, mi familia!


  1. Halo, Om.. Hehe
    Looks like fun in the sun time in Bali :)

    Iya jane aku jarang pake anting soalnya.. Pemalesan.. Hahahaha


  2. hey, that's really funny saw those artsy things
    especially the "please no singing, blablabla" sign ..
    heheeh :D
    Have a wonderful holiday :) Incredibles
    mom dad, girl and 2 boys, perfect


  3. we got a "Teh Poci" counter right beside our house! (: (: (:

    1. Whoaa I wish there's one counter around my house. Di sini kayaknya gak laku deh, di Bali hampir setiap jalan ketemu Teh Poci!

  4. hello jane, seem you also had so much fun. have a blast for August :):)

  5. The food looks amazing! I could get used to that. ;)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Heey I like your blog, because your photos are amazing :))
    would you like to follow each other? Pls, let me know..

    xx BBella

  7. I love the family photo c:
    Yeah the 'Incredibles'!


  8. awesome photos! the place looks wonderful :)

    Your blog is so beautiful :)
    I really enjoy reading your posts,they're very interesting!
    I'm so excited to read more posts from you and gain more inspiration <3

    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ XO
    Chriissydollxo's Blog

  9. you must had a great time in Bali!! lovely photos!
    makes me miss bali

  10. nice photos :) i love Bali..... !!

  11. looks like you had so much fun in Bali,
    nice pictures :)

  12. looks you had a fun trip :) I like teh poci too !


  13. I am glad you enjoyed Bali...... great post! love the photos here.....


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