Not A Resolution

Friday, January 6, 2012

This is not a resolution list, but something that I want to do MORE in this twenty twelve year.
So, here they are:


1.   My mom said, “You’re growing up, stop buying t-shirts already! You should buy something make you mature or anything. And for shoes, go get some heels or flats, anything girlie.” Well, I think she’s totally right! So I stop buying sneakers and t-shirts, try to get some pretty flats and beautiful blouses or shirts in this year! Currently craving for these: Malta Button Top by Cotton On, Blue Sweater from H&M and a beautiful backpack from J.ESTINA (which is seems so impossible to get it ^^;). I'm looking for some new flats too!

2.   I am always having a lack of creative writing, after I realized, I don’t read any books in last year. I mean, yes I read... but I don’t put a commitment to read it. You should have a commitment in diet-project, in a marriage or relationship, you will make a relationship with book so I think we should have the commitment thing. I try to read at least 1 book in two months. Any recommendations? (:

3.   Remembered the first time I bought some make-up things and my Mom was so happy about that! She thought that her only daughter is really growing up! :P
But sadly, until now, I cannot use them well. I failed to put eyeliner, failed to put eye shadow, even not so good to put mascara (but I know the result after I put mascara, IT’S FABULOUS! My eyes look so perfect!). I watch some videos tutorial for helping me so, and now I’m so craving for Gel Eyeliner by Maybelline, and I wanna ask you guys, can you tell me the best liquid eyeliner for the beginner and for monolids eyes like me? I will be waiting for the answers, thank you so much!


4.   This is the most important! I’d gained some weights last month and my friends keep saying to me the words like, “are you gaining some weight? You look… full.” BAH! This is not very good! Last month when my Mom visited me, she also said the same thing that I definitely need to lose weights! I’m not doing a diet project, BUT, I’m doing to do a habit calls: EAT HEALTHY FOODS. I’ve made a healthy-rules board on my wall what I’m going to do everyday, like eat fruits and veggies everyday, workouts at least 20 minutes/day, avoid high calories food etc. So far, I lose 2 pounds, I’m near to my basic healthy body! :D

5.    And the end, always be grateful for today. Anything happens good or bad, sad or happy,  we have to say THANKS to our God, because He’s good.  

      “Thank God because He's good, because His love never quits.”–Psalm 118:1. 


  1. Such a great post dear! Love it max ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. Book recom: There's A Song of Fire and Ice series (start with Game of Thrones which is book 1), Steve Jobs' official biography by Walter Isaacson, Malcolm Gladwell's books. I'm currently reading Outliers. Hmm what else? There's a cute love story by Samantha Sotto called Before Ever After.

    (Obviously, Im into books ;))

    Happy New Year!
    Oh and please LIKE my Facebook page if you still haven't. Thanks! :)

  3. JANNNEE!!!
    Gue suka bangeett pake liquid eye liner.. gue sih pake revlon *secara paling mure* dan gue cocok sih, tinggal garis aja di sepanjang pinggir kelopak trus kalo belepetan tinggal pake cotton bud kasih baby oil trus apus deh bagian belepetannya. Pake liquid eye liner tuh ga perlu pake eyeshadow lagi udah oke hasilnya, tinggal kasih maskara deh.

  4. Hey !
    Great goals !
    Good luck on your diet, dear :)


  5. @joei OMG you are such a lovely! thanks for the books recommendation! I will try find the books and they would be my bestfriends during holiday (:

    @Kim thanks sweetheart! (:

  6. Jane, thanks uda mampir ke blog aku.
    Untuk rekomendasi buku, sebelumnya harus tanya dulu kamu suka genre apa biar gampang.

    Tapi sejauh ini yg paling populer dan uda worth to read:
    1. Hunger Games Series - dystopian
    2. Mortal Instrument series, Vampire Academy series - fantasy
    3. Antalogi Rasa, Remember When, If I stay, Where She Went - Romance
    4. .... so many books you have to read! Hehe.

    Selamat membaca! :D

  7. Sounds GREAT!!! I totally want to do these things too... except the buying more girly stuff, I've started that already, and I promise you, you wont regret it :) It was a few years ago for me, maybe 5 years, when I realised I want to stop buying t-shirts and buy everything girly. You'll love it :)

  8. goodluck on you resolution! and i love the idea of more reading ;) hope you enjoy it!

  9. ei, i wanted to see you wearing hi-heels! hehe! that's cool!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  10. Good luck with your "not resolution", Jane! :)
    as with the make-up thing, I am totally with you! I used to be really awkward around make-up. and that was less than one year ago! I'm still really shy and use super simple make-up. basic foundation, eyebrow brush, blush-on, and lip-gloss. and when I feel like looking too sleepy, I use my pencil eyeliner. And tadaa.. Not looking sleepy anymore! ;)
    I'm sure you'll get used to it if you try to wear it everyday!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  11. ah yang nomor 1 sama! should stop buying t-shirts! tapi kl aku sih emang kesadaran dari sendiri, soalnya bentar lagi lulus kuliah tp belom tau ke depannya mau ngapain. kalo kerja kan ga bisa pake t-shirt sering2 jadi mesti berhenti beli t-shirts hehe padahal kank t-shirt suka lucu2 ya gambarnya jadi pengen beli huhu

    aku jg udah lama ga baca buku. bacanya majalah doang :p itu pun ga sampe detail banget bacanya. ni baru2 ini beli novel lagi. the hunger games by suzzane collins sama the warlock by michael scott. yg the warlock aku beli soalnya emang ngikutin serinya sih..

    aduh jadi panjang komennya ahahaha