Counting Your Happiness

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Credit: Pinterest

Do you usually count your happiness in a day? What’s happiness to you? Happiness is always around you, it is just you want it or not. Happiness comes every time in anywhere. I read a post from Alodita about “counting your happiness”.

There’s a lot of happiness I got recently, well… every day! Let’s see what I got here:
  1. Started from Tuesday, I’m officially becoming a piano instructor. Okay, or just call it simple… piano teacher. 
  2. And the next two days, I got a very nice compliment from my friend about something that I’ve done.
  3. Yesterday when I was in class, my Mom sent me pictures of my dog at home and I couldn’t stop to laugh! She’s very adorable dog! Now I miss her.
  4. My boyfriend and his brother came back to Guangzhou two days ago from a business trip. Although their flight was delayed because the bad weather, but thanks God they arrived safely.
  5. I cooked today for lunch, tasted good but… I AM SO FULL NOW! *pokesbelly*
  6. I learned to play a new song from Israel Houghton, “Jesus at The Center” with my friend, I used to learn this song before, but now I can sing and play thing song. I’m so happy! <3
  7. This is a guilty pleasure. But I didn’t know why I spent my money for a portion of chicken wings plus chicken nuggets from McDonalds few days ago and ate them alone in my room. I feel bad. Really. But, it’s weird now I’m writing it in my happiness list.
  8. Fransiska (the one I mentioned before on previous post) is on her birthday today! Me and some friends are going to give her a birthday present tonight. I hope she will like it!
  9. My brother finally got his very first job too in Bali! As a piano instructor too, how cool is that! Yeah! *high five*
  10. Finishing this list and I’m so very very happy. 


  1. This is interesting. Counting happiness. Always be grateful for everything and think in a positive way :)
    Happy sunday Jane!

  2. SO lucky of you ! Being grateful is important ;)

  3. This is such a feel good post! :) great read on a Monday!
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  4. nice list, some ordinary things makes us happy, for me it makes me happy everytime im inside the mall, hehe!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  5. There are many things to be happy for :) Thanks to Jesus! :D

    following you now dear :)

  6. sometimes the things we didn't expect could make us happy! nice post :)

  7. Always good to take note of things that make us happy. Great post.