I'm A Dreamer

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

 credit: Jonahliza

This is a dreamer writing about her dream in two or three years later.

I’m preparing my first book launching day! I am wearing a very nice chiffon purple long sleeve-shirt, black skinny pants and a pair of black pump shoes. I’m doing a little re-touch in rest room with my best friend. A staff from my publisher suddenly came by, she called me to be ready for the event. I’m so nervous, yet exciting at the same time! I’m walking to the ballroom, where the event is going to be held. You know what, the moment when I am being interviewed about my first book in front of the people -who are my lovely readers and of course my beloved family members, friends and boyfriend, it is really amazing and thrilling me! I can see clearly a proud smile on my parents’ face, and we have full of happiness and great atmosphere on that day! Oh, the event is a private only, not so many people in the room, so I can communicate with all of them... free and ease. I speak some gratitude words, I say thanks a bunch to my Lord, without Him, I can’t pursue my dream. Then, my eyes are tearing. Tears of joy.

Well, thank you for reading a little note from a dreamer. Anyway, have I ever said that I want to be a writer so bad?