Chasing Childhood Dreams

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Few days ago, me and my friends went to my boyfriend’s living apartment to play monopoly cards and eat some food together. We arrived earlier and my boyfriend wasn’t at home yet, so we stopped by at a playground around his apartment.

It was drizzling through day, so no one’s there to play. We were playing happily like five years old kiddos. Well, we know we’re not in that ages anymore, but it just happened spontaneously, like we never knew about our real ages! 
I didn’t write this post without reason, I have something to tell you about. 

Last night, I checked on Cassandra’s formspring (yeah I'm such a stalker lol) and as usual, she got so many questions from her fans. Then I got a very interesting question, “I am curious of being 20s, it’s like the age of losing childhood dreams, is it right? What’s your opinion?” So Cass’s answer is, “I disagree. It is the age of CHASING childhood dreams.” Okay, now you got my point, right? Hehe. When I read this, I was like… yeah, that’s so true! 

I’m in my 20 right now (and going to be twenty one in next few months). Before I reached this age, I was worried about future. I was not ready for part of growing up. I always wanted to be free, happy and I can do anything I want. But after I reached this age, my opinion was totally wrong. Still worried, but not as much as in the past. Being 20s, is the best time to pursue your dreams. Maybe you don’t know what will happen in the following five, ten years. But at least, you can imagine if your dream comes true. Remember when you were young, you will do anything to get what you want. Kids never being tired about their wishes, they have like what we called now, passion. They want a toy, they must have the toy. Cass is right, being 20s is the age of chasing our childhood dreams. I don’t know maybe some of you getting tired now or thinking about to give up and stop to continue your journey. No, you don’t have to and never think about that again! Trust me, you will be regret, a HUGE one.

So, whatever you are dreaming about, keep dreaming about it. A wise line from famous person in the past, Waltz Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it”, this is the power of dream and the most important, don’t forget to keep in faith in your dreams. Good luck!

P.S: Post without photos, not really nice. So, here are some pictures we have from the playground. Please don’t laugh, we are just kids. LOL! 

My good friends: Fransiska and Agustine (first picture above on the left)

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