Music Love: Jessica Jung (feat. Fabolous) - Fly

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Since several years ago, I am reminded constantly (by closest people, books I read, songs I listen to) about reaching out your dreams. Have you ever felt that your dreams seem so close yet so far away? For me, I think that because our fears are too big and we let those fears take over our passion to achive those dreams. The easiest thing to do is just spread out our "wings" (our inner strengths) and fly high to touch our dreams.

Anyway, this song contains of poweful meanings, while Jessica delivered it in her soft and beautiful voice. I hope you love this song as I do. 

Inside the invisible fog
I have to find myself
The hope of a small light 
You'll find with only your imagination 

When I reach out towards a higher place
It feels like I can almost touch it 
Am I closer to the days I longed for 
I draw them on the sky 

Just spread your wings 

Follow the sound of your beating heart to the end 
Close your eyes and spread out your dreams 
You're a hero you can fly 

A world that you've never seen before 
WIll open before you 
Fly above the clouds 
Cause your wings are made to fly 

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