25 October

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

So I'm officially 25, started yesterday. Yeaaay! Happy birthday to me! 

And beside of my birthday, we actually celebrated our first wedding anniversary too. Yes, from now on we will celebrate two occasions every year. 25 October will never be the same :D

Hubby surprised me with a tiramisu cake and 25 roses bouquet at midnight, right after I nursed Josh. I was asked what I wanted for my birthday. I only wanted a cake, because I really wanted to eat birthday cake. Is it only me or birthday cake always tastes so good? 

 Don't bother how the cake looks like. Aku comot pas tengah malam karena ngiler.

I thought a staycation before for celebrating the 25 Oct, but maybe it's not a really good idea since Josh is still so young (maybe next year!). So we went for simple dinner at Spatula and luckily the place was not full—since it's weekday—so we didn't bother to bring Josh's stroller. He was sleeping while we're enjoying our dinner. 

Their Thai Iced Tea surprisingly tastes so good. Must try!

Yeah, Josh didn't seem so impressed to take selfie, hahaha.

Dear us, 
So a year has passed, we made it! I know our life will be more exciting than ever, specially since a little cookie added to our little family. I feel thankful for our marriage, because I get chance every day to learn, to grow up, and to love. It's only one year for our marriage, but it's kinda surprised me that we have been known each other for 6 years already. And it feels funny because when we first started our relationship, you totally a stranger to me. But now, I stepped into "I miss you" phase almost every day, when you go for work. Sometimes I feel we are more best friend than husband and wife, but that's okay because we're best friend for lifetime, right? Thank you for always supporting me and thank you for being a "home" for me and Josh. Let's take our marriage and to the next level and let God always be our leader. Can't wait for experiencing another adventures with you. Cheers for us! 

And dear 25 myself, 
Now you are a wife for a year and a mom for two months. Usually in every birthday, I have longgg wishes and they sound like "I want to travel more", "I want start a new business", "I want to finish my book", and blah blah. Well I still want those things, but as for now, I thank God for everything I have today, this minute, this second. I thank God for my marriage, my baby, and my little family. I can solemnly say that I feel content. I'm satisfied and happy. I hope I will be better and better this year and of course enjoy life more with new blessings. Jia you, Jane!


  1. Happy Birthday, Jane. Enjoy your quarter century birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday and wedding anniversary, Kak! So many happiness! x)