Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 25, 2010
taken and edited by: Lady, super thanks to her and her cool baby Nikon D90 :D
So, I'm gonna have Christmas activity today with my all awesome church-friends. We usually do our Saturday Youth Service at church, but special today we are movinggggg to a place calls "Bai Yun Mountain 白云山", which is people in Guangzhou always say that this is the very-must-visit-place in Guangzhou. Anyway, we'll have an outing there! :D
What are you going to do on Christmas Day? Share it to me!



  1. Just stumbled on your blog! Ah this post is so cute - you have SERIOUS editing skillzzzz. Love it!

    And sounds like you had a super MERRY (ha? get it?) christmas! Spent mine with the famjammm.

  2. aww sounds like such a fun thing to do on christmas! i hope you had an amazing time. i just spent time with my family and then saw a movie with one of my friends :)

  3. @lexy hey, Lexy! so glad you are here :D
    anyway, the christmas picture wasnt edited by me, it's one of my friends edited! I don't have that editing skills yet *i wish, haha!

    yesss, I was! I wish you had too with your, fam? thats great!
    I'll walk around in your blog soon!
    Have a nice day, Lexy!

    @jen I hope you had too, Jen! it's snowing there,isnt it? glad to hear you spent your xmas time with your fam and friends (:
    have a nice day, Jen!