The Interview

Monday, November 22, 2010

picture credit by and edited by me.

Talking about blogging, I can say I’m not a newbie as a blogger. I’ve been blogging since 2007 , “Jane From The Blog” is not my first one. I’ve told in the first entry that I had an old blog, which is I’d closed it permanently now and start blogging seriously, I never share privacy things again here (:
Well, if you do blog, you will have some readers or followers and if you blog nicely, they will love your blog and being a loyal reader. You have to keep them interested in your blog, maybe you can do some blog giveaways (fashion blogger often do this!), vlog (video blog) or maybe share some tutorials about something you good in it (such as DIY, tutorial about Photoshop, etc).

So, what have I done as a blogger for 3 years?

Maybe I didn’t write something “wow” something amaze you, I just wrote whatever I think it should be shared to my blog readers. I don’t blog because I want to be popular and reach a number of followers to drop me a comment, not at all. I don't want to be arrogant here. It is more fun when you blog something that you’re passionate about. If not, I bet someday you’re gonna stop to blog because you think “I can’t be popular when I blog!” (got it?)
Now I think I should start something new for my blog, something that I never done before. I’ve read some bloggers interview, like Michelle Koesnadi from Glisters And Blisters did her first interview with Lexy from Quirky Explosion, you can check it here. The interview she did sounds very nice. It will be great if I try to interview somebody that I admire to? Just wait for my next interview post, peeps! (:


  1. thanks sooo much for mentioning my interview with lexy :D

    this is a great personal psot !

  2. hi.. hi.. just blogwalking here.
    neva mind wif 'doing nothing' on your blog. think there's always *at least* a thing we can share in our writing.well.. you'll neva know, rite? hahahhaa..

    ow, btw.. fyi: me aso has done nothing on my blog. *dont even think if i have sum readers for my blog* jiahahhahaha.. (>0,)

    niwei, gud luck for your interview 'project', che! (^^,)b

  3. Hi! My first time here. I agree about blogging...I think the most important thing is that you enjoy it and are passionate about whatever you're writing about! Cute blog btw!