Welcome Spring!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Maybe it's a little too late I made a post about Spring, but yeah Spring is coming to town.
Finally, I can feel the warm of sunshine and the wind blows softly, refreshing my mind and lungs.

This is a picture taken by me outside from my room.
The sky has a beautiful color tone, it's blue!

Instead of spring days, I can't wait for my summer time! I miss beach and friends, I miss Mr. Sun! Well although it's pretty HOT in summer, but I still loveeeeeeee Summer days! It becomes a long long holidays! :D

Still talking about Spring here, yesterday I went to Beijing Street to have lunch and visit some stores. I didn't plan to buy anything there but I'm sure I WILL buy something so I take some money in my purse, just in case :p
andddd... taraaaaaaaaa! I REALLY BOUGHT SOMETHING! (lol)
I visited Yishion Store, they have pretty new arrival things there. Flowers, pale and nude colors are everywhere. I picked some clothes for fitted and finally I chose this cute shorts with flowers pattern to take home, yeay!


Pattern zoommmmmmmm!

Little pockets on right and left side.
Can't wait to wear it on Sunday!

*anyway, special thanks to Sastika Taniady's digital camera. Sorry I will return it back to you soon! :p
By the way, I'd going to be much slower on updating my blog, I got an internship in a trading company - which belongs to my dearest aunty starting this month. She offered me this job few months ago and I said yes. This is gonna be fun and new for me and I'm trying to manage my time orderly, I will do my best on my school and work. Wish me luck!


  1. really cute! Love the baby blue mix with red little flowers.. totally adorable!

    The Picnic Girl

  2. Love the details of those shorts ^__^ cute flower prints!


  3. woah you live in a really pretty housing areaaa !

    glisters and blisters

  4. That is indeed a cute shorts!

    And what a pretty scenery you have outside ur window!


  5. Cute patterns for a short :)
    I love the atmosphere of your living place - seems comfy!

  6. Those shorts are fabulous! The floral print is darling.


  7. lovely pictures, Jane! <3
    love the pattern!
    btw, mind to follow each other?:)



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