Five Things

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


5 things you love about life
Family, friendship, love, hardwork, sweet memories.

5 famous people you would love to meet
Tiffany (member of Girls Generation), Sitta Karina, Alanda Kariza, Anne Hathaway, Sophie Kinsella.

5 movies you love
The Devil Wears Prada, Letters to Juliet, Freedom Writers, Bride Wars, Something Borrowed

5 professions you would love to have
Author, writer, novelist, journalist, fashion magazine editor.

5 best authors
Sitta Karina, Alanda Kariza, Sophie Kinsella, JK Rowling, Meg Cabot.

5 inspirations
Jesus, my family, when I'm sitting on my chair and listening to Chopin's and Lisa Ono works, when I'm spending my day in a cozy coffee shop, inspirations works anywhere, anytime in everywhere (:

5 favourite stuffs
Cellphones, Notebook, personal diary, Holy Bible, music player.

5 things you hate
Backstabber, plagiators, liars, anti-fan, smoker.

5 favourite places
Personal bedroom, bookstore, coffee shop,eating place, shopping mall

5 girls/guys you are currently liking
no idea :P

5 things you wanna improve more about yourself
Improve Chinese language, be good in something to do with money, being a good daughter, practise piano two times in a week, being wisely and put more efforts in every things I do.

5 things you would take to a deserted island
Cellphones, books, snacks, a best friend, a pillow&warm blanket (well, I can sleep well with pillow and blanket lol)

5 places you wanna visit
Taiwan, Harbin, Seoul, Bali, Lombok.

5 things you really want
Canon G11/G12 (bye-bye DSLR :p), iPod Touch, Black Berry, black blazer, Converse shoes.

5 songs make you cry most
Ohh, too much!

5 impossible dreams
Nothing is impossible if you believe in God.

5 dreams in the future
Graduate from university and have a good job, take my parents to move somewhere better and build them a beautiful house, and live happily never after with my future family (:


  1. My favorite thing is when you said nothing is impossible when you belive in God.

  2. haha ~ ngga itu bukan cafe nya happy lemon.. diKFC wkt tu hehe. allright, ntar klo someday I'm going to guangzhou I'll contact you! :))

  3. lovely list dear :)
    all the best in achieving your dreams

  4. I love sophie kinsella too! :)
    lovely blog btw


  5. Awww it sounds like you are very
    into religion, which is good ^^