It's Fanning

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Introduce this cute lady, she's Elle Fanning. Familiar about her last name? Yes, she is Dakota Fanning's younger sister. I knew Dakota since I found her in one of a local magazine, she was just 8 or 10 y.o that time. And I knew El (is a pronounciation of Elle) from the same magazine. El got many roles in some movies, you can check her filmography here, and I will give you some goodies of her :D

all pictures credit: and Mr. Google


this is my favorite! Elle Princess.

El looks so STUNNING! and I love her hair *heart*

Little cute Elle

El's daily style, lovely!

Fanning's Sisters are having time together (:

Now, who's with me in the El's team? :P


  1. She looks so gorgeous! I love that hairdo and her eyes are so blue I'm jealous! :P great blog! x

  2. I love the second photo! Love the choice of these photos <3

    Anyway, your blog is lovely! *direct follow*


  3. i like elle more than her sister.. she's so sweet.

  4. I hope you're doing alright away from home. Stay strong. :)

    And Elle really is a gorgeous girl. I love these pictures of her!

  5. Elle is so pretty!
    but somehow I like Dakota more
    although both girls are awesome

    yeay you sent it!
    I'm sure you'll get it this time ;)


  6. She's growing up to be such a pretty lady.

    x sPam of frou-frou


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