Sunday, March 13, 2011

I got so many books on my bookshelf that haven't finished yet, even I don't even know I had bought that book. Every time I go visit a bookstore, I can't lead myself, so many good books are there waiting for me to read. They stand on the shelf beautifully. That's why people say bookstore is my heaven. I can spend my whole day for hours in 'my heaven'.
People ask me what kind of book I generally read, the answer: I read anykind of books. Literature, biography, non-fiction, fiction, traveling, entertainment, self improvement, blah blah blah. Writing is my passion, I can call myself as a part-time writer (eventhough I don't publish any books before, haha :p), so I should read more books for help me to get some inspirations.


The books I read recently, on the top, is bought by my mom, my Mom bought it cause she wants me to improve my Chinese before I come here for study. Guess what? I'm just too lazyyyyyy to finish it. It has been for 3 years since my Mom bought the book! Another reason, I'm a slow reader, people... another one, the book is in Chinese, it's obviously right? :p
Second one (in the middle), also in Chinese, bought it in UN Book Store here, it's about how to become a wealthy in 20 y.o, actually this is written by a Korean author but it was translated to Chinese. It's a nice book honestly, but same reason... lazyyyy to read cause it's in Chinese, hahaha! *got slapped*
And the last one, got it when I was in holiday a month ago. It's about our health, written by a Indonesian doctor. One more time, a writer have to read anykind of book even it's about 'doctor' book. I got some information, many secrets about our body from this book. You guys (female of course, because it's all about woman inside!) should read this book, I recommend!


Okay, first... I'm a Twilight Saga HUGE fan. Speak honestly, I hate the fact they decided to make the movie version, heyyy you guys had ruined my imagination about the vampires and the werewolfs |: (but I still love the movie, hahaha! who doesn't love LAUTNER? JACOB TEAM! :p). Reason I brought them because I haven't finished yet! My mom bought these all for me when I was busyyyy with my final exam in High School. Aha! Got caught! For many times, a slow readerrrr... even I haven't remove the plastic cover on Breaking Dawn yet, it still have the price label behind LOL pardon me...

So, wish me luck to finish all that book in this year. Yeah, maybe this is one of my goal on this year, khkhkh. Try to loveee to read books, people. Reading is not a criminal, but it's like a drug, haha!

"The more you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

-Dr. Seuss, (I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!)


  1. wow! seems like you read many books! I have twilight saga, but I didn't finish it. I'm a slow reader, and lazy too! hehehe it was booming at that time..
    have a good weekend! :D

  2. i hate reading lol..
    and im not a fan of twilight either.. but i heard that the book is so much better than the movie..hehe

    glisters and blisters

  3. I love that last Dr. Seuss quote you posted. I haven't had time to sit and read a book for the longest time. Hopefully I'll be able to during the summer when things calm down. :)