Six Elements of Heart

Friday, February 15, 2013

A challenging from Arriane following by her post here. Introducing you the six elements of our heart. We always have things to be grateful, excited, inspired, challenged , amazed and curious about.

 photo i-am-inspired-1_zpsf43262d9.gif

 I am...

for anything happens in my life. Awesome family (bonding time with my brother during this holiday), good friends (had so much quality talk with them, brainstorming also!) and inspiring boyfriend (yes, he is so inspiring! Somehow I don’t even understand about what he thinks, but I think it’s the way how he lives creative by his thoughts!). Thanks, Lord (:

about my very first “official” internship as a Chinese Language teacher, at Pekanbaru (out from the city) in two days! I have a morning flight on Sunday, so I will make sure I have a beauty sleep tomorrow night. Oh, my Guangzhou best friend, Sastika is gonna be my partner too in this internship. Wish us luck!

by a young woman, whom apparently is the master franchise of Bonchon Chicken in Indonesia! Check out her story here. Michelle shows us what creative means and everyone has a chance to be creative!

to become more healthier. Eat properly, rest properly, do exercises! I woke up early this morning to go to sport club, and swimming with my brother and his girlfriend. I feel good today!

Also I’m challenged to learn how to dance “I Got Boy” by Girls’ Generation. I have one more month to learn, and I have a trainer! She’s my friend, also my neighbor, and she’s a dancer. We have to manage our time, since both of us are pretty busy. Once again, wish me luck!

Note for Arriane: Please, do this dance with your kpop dancing fellas! :D

how I can stay alive, peacefully, in this cruel society. If it’s not because by God’s grace, what is gonna be?

When my final thesis is completed. The answer is only one: FOCUS. And… stay fit. I need a fit brain. Fit body. Fit mind. Fit laptop (I’ll make sure click the “save” button whenever I type my thesis and do files backup, before something bad happens…)

 Now, I'm challenging you back to blog about it. You can also use the image by Arriane but make sure credit properly (we don't steal, right?) Good luck!

Picture credit: Wanderrgirl (taken by Arriane, at the Creators Project concert/party (during Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae’s performance) in Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul, September 2011.


  1. nice... i miss your blog, Jane! post more! :)

  2. put so much thought in it! love it :)


  3. Hello dear! Thanks for the sweet comment! :))
    iya masih kok.. knapa ga bisa? pake VPN bukanya. km ga pake?

  4. Aww this message is inspiring :) great post sweetie!!!


  5. Ahhh suka baca tulisan kamu. hahahaha. Good luck ya internship nya! I like I Got A Boy dance too. But it seems so difficult. Ajarain juga donggg.