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Friday, July 26, 2013

Jinan University, class of 2009.
Original picture courtesy of a friend.

The situation right now is that I have so much fun being a *fun-unemployed for almost 19 days. After you got your diploma, you living back with your parents, rolling over on your bed and suddenly, your brain and your heart (maybe your parents, too) cannot stop telling reminding you, to “get a job, get a job, get a job”. 

I know guys how are you feeling right now, I completely understand. Right after I’m graduating from college, I told myself to get a job immediately. But we’re also knowing that finding a job (that you really want) is never easy. Keep telling yourself to get a job is only torturing you, giving you a pressure. One of my favorite friend said to me that it’s completely normal to enjoy your unemployed-period after devoted yourself in class for many years. So, instead of  distressing yourself, why not to fill your post-grad time to do something fun, something new, something challenging! 

Here you go, best 3 tips to do for fresh-graduates, of course based on my personal experiences:

1. Do something you really really love, seriously.
This is very classic, but it helps my unemployed period productive. In my last semester, I'd lost my chance to blog regularly. The ideas were ‘buried’ in my notebook, just like that. Professional people that I know had said, "never let your ideas die". After some encouragements from some good friends, I made a promise with myself to start blogging again and let the ideas happen. You know, ideas just ideas when you do nothing on them. So, you love swimming? You love baking? You love playing guitar? Just do it. You never know what will you pursue after it, surprise yourself! 

2. Try to discover a new hobby.
Or an activity, or something. 

My regular hobbies are (always) reading, watch movies and writing. Speaking the truth, I’m getting bored. However, I should find a new hobby. I always wanted to experience running at the beach. Lucky me, since I moved to Bali, I got that chance. I have my favorite beach already—where I can sip my banana smoothie first, then run, then sip it again. I’ve done this for two times in a week and I’m so excited. If you don’t have any idea about finding a new one, go Googling or just step out of your door. It might help. 

3. Spend more quality time with your family.
I live with my family and I loveee spending time with them. Make a plan to do something with your family members. Go cooking with your mom, go watching Running Man with your brothers (yes, we do this almost everytime recently), go drinking black coffee with your dad and the list goes on. Your family is your first best friend, go spend more time with them. Trust me it would be so much fun. 

Well, these all my version of best three tips for fresh graduates and I believe you guys have some more. Why you don’t share with us here in a comment below, if you a recent college grad of course, I would loveee to read it. And for a reference, this is my favorite one, “21 Reasons It’s Okay to be Unemployed Right After Graduating College”. Have fun and stay awesome! 

*this is courtesy of Wongfu. Have you watched the “Funemployed” web series? :D

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