Room Tour | First ever vlog!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My first vlog finally published! 

As I said in the video, I always wanted to make a vlog, since I’ve watched lots of videos on Youtube. I think it’s gonna be fun to make one. It’s been more than 35 days since I moved in and surprisingly, I am getting used to the new life here. Change is good, right? 

Why a room tour? Since I was in college, I lived in a dorm where I shared with three roommates. And whenever I came home, I also shared a room with my brothers. I miss own a bedroom. Thanks God, I got my bedroom back in our new house! I was busy everyday in the first week to decorate this room. It’s still kinda empty, the wall is too big and Mom doesn't allow me to use wallpaper. I need more pictures frame I guess, or other ideas maybe? Please let me know.

Some other things I didn’t mention in the video:
1. You can find most of my things are Hello Kitty. The question comes up, “are you a fan of this kitty cat?” The answer is: YES. 2. But, I don’t have a pink-themed bedroom since I love Kitty ((: 3. And you maybe ask why there is a pair of shoes on the bookcase? Well.. one of my best friend bought me that shoes, because she knows I can’t give up of sneakers. The fact is, both of the shoes are right side! I realized it when I was trying the shoes, and I was like, “what's the problem of this shoes?” I told my best friend at last and she just laughed and ended up crying. Haha. It’s okay, even I cannot wear it, but the shoes looks so cool on the bookcase. Problem solved! 4. My bookcase is still empty. My stuffs that I packed from Guangzhou hasn’t arriving yet. There will be dozen of books fulfill the bookcase I promise. Until they arrived, I am gonna show the updates of my bookcase.

Note: You may need a headset for helping you hear the video’s voice. I didn’t expect my voice is gonna be that low and sorry about my English (plus the accent) :P

So, that’s it! Sorry again about the quality, because I just use my pocket camera for filming, but the result is okay too for me. Thank you so much for watching the video and stay awesome!


  1. I always want to make vlog but still don't have a time :( Nice post anyway. Mind to follow each other? ^^~

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. #shouting house tour house tour! hahaha. great job you did there. gahh I want my own bedroom too. tunggu tanggal mainnya yah wkwk

  3. Super late on commenting on this, but your room is so cute!



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