5 Pictures of Tuesday 01

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

5 Pictures of Tuesday: is my new section on this blog. Start this week, I am gonna share five pictures of my Tuesday and I hope each picture tells story for you. Enjoy this pictures below!

(1) On latest post I said that me and Mom run a new business, called jesrisoles. Based from the name, yes we make risoles! Mom loves to make this little yummy snack food, so she decided to make money from thing she loves to do hehehe. The picture above are fresh from the oven and ready to go! Yum! 

 (2) Something vintage from our little kitchen. The red mug on the right, apparently 'lives' for 20 more years already. My grandma said she bought this red mug before Mom got married with Daddy. Mom is totally a keeper like me, isn't she? :P 

(3) Random shoot of my laundry outside. The pink one is mine, my favorite casual blazer :*

(4) My dog's upside-down look. Tell me guys, is there anybody has a dog who likes to sleep like this? Well.. this dog makes me smile hekekek
 Oh by the way, her name is Vika. Say hi!

(5) I deserved to have a selca too, right? Well I try to make this little guy (I mean.. girl) smile on the camera. When I looked at her, she tried to kiss me. So yeah it looks like this. 

So this is the very first "5 Pictures of Tuesday" post, I hope you guys enjoy it. Sorry about the pictures, so random I know, but somehow I love it so much. Because as I said, each picture tells story, I hope you guys get it (: 

Stay awesome!


  1. I've never seen that snack from the first picture before! It certainly looks incredibly tasty!

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  2. whoaa I love your this new section, great idea :)
    mao dong risolessss kirim sini ke pku.

  3. awww lucu guguknyaaa! pom kah? aku dulu punya pom :D

  4. I had never heard of risoles before, but it definitely looks and sounds delicious! Vika is super cute ^^