5 Pictures of Tuesday 02

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

(1) Guess what I and Mom made for lunch? *drooling*
Oh anyway, don't they like a dinosaur's eggs? LOOL 

(2) My kind of morning breakfast. Actually the sandwiches doesn't belong to me, I finished mine and my brother left this little piece and I have to finish it :P And my favorite (healthy) drink, Ovaltine! I still like the taste when I usually drink in Guangzhou, this one is too chocolate, but still good! I start to reduce my caffeine and choose to drink this kind of milk instead. It gives me more energy to work and Mama said it will give me more calcium (I am young, I am a girl, I need more calcium *noted*). I didn't say I give up for coffee (how can??), but I try not to drink it everyday. 
PS: I lost my 1kg after I cut my coffee in a week. Is that awesome??

 (3) I love The Perks of Being Wallflower. Not because Logan, even Emma, but I do really love the story. It's even beautiful if you read the book. Stephen Chbosky is a great writer, this one is his first book. And I am glad he wrote the screenplay for the movie. I just finished read it via eBook, if you want to read you can find it on Google. And oh, the picture above is one of my favorite word from Charlie. 

And tonight I am gonna sleep with Mom. 
The only thing I need when I woke up from my bad dream is listening to music. So I grab my phone, plug my earphone, and try to erase that bad dream. Don't ask me about the dream, because it's very bad ): and also my brother said I watch too much movies..

 (5) A little reminder (: 
We simply love each other because we know He loved us first. This is the most easy love math I ever believe in

I am starting to love this section. Because whenever I remember today is Tuesday, I am gonna take some pictures that tell story so I can share with you all. It has been a week since the last post, I guess I have to write more instead of sharing pictures, because that makes me feel like cheating LOL.

Anyway, September is coming already and good luck for everybody who starts a new semester in school or college. For anybody who feels sad about getting back to school, please don't. I can feel you my friend, just enjoy it and you are gonna learn lots of new things! Let the fire burn and stay awesomeee!

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