Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yes! Can you believe that?

I met my nine gorgeous girls...

in my dream.

Okay I sound pathetic. The truth is, I didn't attend the concert, which is RIGHT NOW, in Jakarta. And one of my best friends is currently in the venue and sending me some pictures. HOW COULD YOU? T_T

Attending Girls' Generation concert is one of my dream this year. I have been dreaming of this for two years and still not get the chance. I remember once I prayed, the girls are gonna held a solo concert in Indonesia, and then they made it. I knew about the concert two months ago, at the end of July. It's kinda late, too late maybe. When I searched for the tickets, the best spot is SOLD OUT, just in a couple days! I don't wanna spend my money for the lowest price, because I had a promise to myself if someday I could join a concert, it's gonna be my first official SNSD concert, and I want to make it perfect.

But, the problem is, I don't have too much money to pay. I was thinking maybe this is just not the right time, but once again, I hate to give up on my dream ):

I am so sad, truthfully. I was trying to be happy for anyone who is attending the concert right now. And I realized I am just being so childish today. I was babbling with my boyfriend about this and all can he said was, "maybe next time, you will get the chance." *meh so cliche :P*

Well, maybe for me it's just all about priority. My number one priority, for now, is all about finding a real job. It's impossible to ask my parents for money. Money is just another problem I should solve for the sake of growing-up-part.

So, I guess, I will see you next time, girls. For those who are going right now, please have some fun! It's our dream come true, they finally come to our country!

Sorry about this post, I just have to let this feeling out and blog is the best and right place. Never mind me, just stay awesome!

PS: this is me, wearing my Girls' Generation official goodies. Me ready for the concert too! 

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  1. i want met them so badly!!! too bad I cant watch their concert :3