Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yes! Can you believe that?

I met my nine gorgeous girls...

in my dream.

Okay.. please don't say I sound pathetic. The truth is, I didn't attend the concert, which is RIGHT NOW, in Jakarta. And one of my best friend is currently in the venue and sending me some pictures. HOW COULD YOU? T_T

Attending Girls' Generation concert is one of my dream this year. I have been dreaming of this for two years and still not get the chance. I remember once I prayed, the girls are gonna held a solo concert in Indonesia, and then they made it. I knew about the concert two month ago, at the end of July. It's kinda late, too late maybe. When I searched for the tickets, the best spot are SOLD OUT, just in couple days! I don't wanna spend my money for the lowest price, because I had a promise to myself if someday I could join a concert, it's gonna be my first official SNSD concert, and I want to make it perfect.

But, the problem is, I don't have too much money for pay. I was thinking maybe this is just not the right time, but once again, I hate to give up on my dream ):

I am so sad, truthfully. I was trying to be happy for anyone who are attending the concert right now. And I realized I am just being so childish today. I was babbling with my boyfriend about this and all can he said was, "maybe next time, you will get the chance." *meh so cliche :P*

Well, maybe for me it's just all about priority. My number one priority for now is all about finding a real job. It's impossible to asking my parents for money. Money is just another problem I should solve for the sake of growing-up-part.

So, I guess.. I will see you next time, girls. For those who are going right now, please have some fun! It's our dream come true, make the girls coming to our country holding a concert. Take care girls, and boys. And sorry about this post, I just have to let it out, and blog is the best and right place. Never mind me, just stay awesome!

PS: this is me, wearing my Girls' Generation official goodies. Me ready for the concert too! 

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  1. i want met them so badly!!! too bad I cant watch their concert :3



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