5 Pictures of Tuesday 03

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

 (1) My packages from China finally arrived yesterday! I have opened the first box yesterday and this morning I was busy with this one. It contains LOTS of books and it was SOO heavy. I was keep sweating when I unloaded this thing haha but I am so excited because I ended up sitting and looking for some memories when I was in college (LOL). But anyway, welcome home my stuffs!

(2) This little adorable one was founded in the box! I almost forgot about this slippers, it was given my dear ex-roomie (her name is Tika) and she said I have to wear this in new home. I am so really happy wearing this all day in the house. So yeah, hello kitty kitty! Welcome home, you! 

 (3) I will give this picture a caption like "home without Mom". Mom went to Jakarta for several days and I cooked everyday meals something like this: frozen foods (chicken sticks!) and 'surprisingly-tastes-good' veggies sautes! Come home soon, Mom (':

(4) I got this packet today and it was from Tika. So apparently I left one of my dress in my old dorm lol. When she went home she also took this with her and sent me back. Thanks dear! 

 (5) Notice something different with my bookcase?
I brought some books to China in my first year and I also bought some again when was there. My bookcase is so pretty and colorful with the books. Well yeah, they are all my babies


Last week went pretty fast! Now I am bringing back again pictures for today. I have done three series about "5 Pictures of Tuesday", all pictures were taken at my home. I guess I need to go out to share more pictures from the outside. This island is too beautiful and I will regret if I don't share the pictures with you all. I hope you guys not getting bored, if you are, it is okay too because I love doing this post ((:

So, good evening and stay awesome! 


  1. Cute photos! I love the bookcase,as I love to collect books as well :)


  2. so cool! follow each other on gfc? ;)