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Saturday, September 7, 2013


Routine sounds kinda boring because it belongs to 'normal' people. To be honest, I am a morning person. Now, why morning routine sounds like kinda important?

We should know that routine trains us to be more disciplined and built our personality- like what Jeff Goins said, "because routines are all about you and your personality". So let's say, we can see people's personalities how they begin their morning.

Another thing, morning day also helps us to be more focused on our task and get along through the day and also helps you to have a good mood to start the day. 

A morning routine is not an obligation, it's only something you may try to begin. If you know something brings you a positive thing, it's okay to try, right? Like my Mom, I never saw her eats oatmeal in the morning before, but now since she said it's good to her body, she just gives it a try.

Everyone's morning routine is different. You can make it on your own, don't copy others. Because everyone's habits are different too. So this is how my morning routine looks like these days:

1. Wake up. Usually around 7 to 8.

2. Drink lot of water. This is important to me and every member of my family do this, we have our glasses or tumbler in our own room.

3. Take a shower.

4. Daily Bread. Or it said morning devotional.
"Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed." -Mark 1:35
5. Write journal. Sometimes you never know if you have a (weird) dream and you just need to take a note about it. So journaling it is. 
6. Make breakfast. Usually I make by myself, but sometimes Mom cooks for us too. Don't ever feel guilty for having breakfast. That's my motto. Carbs for breakfast? Why not? Nasi goreng or mie goreng are the best! My other favorite breakfast is toast with scramble eggs. 
7. Check in Social Media. This one usually during breakfast. I know I know, bad habit. 
8. Clean the house
9. Make coffee, then work. I always make coffee when I start to work. Oh, I work at home anyway. 

No one's morning routines are perfect. It takes commitment and persistence. If you fail your routine, don't give yourself pressure because it makes even worst. If I woke up late, I fix my sleep at night. By doing it every day, you will find yourself being a well-organized person and have a good personality. And, morning routine helps you have a better day today, tomorrow and so on.

You may check out this awesome website: contains different people to share their different morning routines. 

So what your morning routine look like? Mind to share with me? (: 

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