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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last week has been a rough week for me. My mom was flying back to Jakarta for 11 days, my brother was completely busy with students day at campus, day to night. And me.. spending my days work at home, totally alone. It hasn't that bad between first to third days, until I got PMS- which is I called the most terrible problem for every woman and I still can't handle it, then problems came. 

I cannot tell you what the problems are, but seriously they made me crazy for whole week! I could not find anybody to share. You know the feeling when you have a problem, everybody (even your closest friend) seems won't understand you. I just could not find a right person to share. Until Mom came home, (okay.. I don't know how to say it right) I let myself to mencurahkan semua isi hati. And then surprisingly, God have an answer to for me. Suddenly, I feel good. Really good. God said this,

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Sometimes we want to skip a lesson of our life, especially when we struggle on a problem. Or maybe we take the 'short-cut', we run away. Yes you can run, but I can one hundred percent guarantee, you cannot hide. Remember when we take an monthly exam in school? To make sure you are getting through all lessons in whole semester, you have to pass the test. When you pass, you are allowed to the next level. When you fail, you will have a remedial. Same thing in our life. The only thing we have to do is to learn every lesson that happens in our life. When we learned, we pass, then we turn to the next leaf.

The only matters is all about yourself. Are you willing to learn every lesson in your life? Let them teach how you to live this life. Good luck (:


Anyway, I have a very very very great news, but I can't share it here for now. If it's about a great news, I always can't hold myself to share in my blog. I promise I will tell it when the right time is coming. Are you curious? I bet you are! 

Tomorrow is a Monday again, make you sure you have a wonderful Sunday night. See you in next post and stay awesome!

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