My Writing Essentials

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hello people!

I rarely talk about my writing habits or anything my writing life related. So today I am gonna share with you my three essentials when I do my writing job and these all based on my very personal experiences. Let's take a look!

1. Every writer loves coffee. I don't ever doubt that. Few days ago, I finally realized is not coffee that I really need while writing, I am back to the basic mineral water instead. We all know the only healthy drink is mineral water, there's no other. Amazing fact about mineral water: it re-boost your energy and also helps you to stay hydrated. Because activity like writing, it seems like you only sit for few hours and keep your fingers busy. The truth is sitting for a one hour will make you feel tired as same as while you are standing do nothing for one hour. However, when I am writing I easily feel thirsty so I keep a glass of water by my side and refill it whenever it's empty. Coffee maybe makes me awake, sometimes. But it would be better if you take a nap when you tired, not too longer, 30 minutes is enough. After that, you will be refreshed and ready to write again.

Remember, your health is always number one. So, mineral water is my very first essential when I am writing.

Remember this glass? With the Hello Kitty cover on it. I always keep this glass around me whenever I write. And the Hello Kitty makes me happy.. *eep* 
2. The place when you write probably the other important thing to notice. Usually I write on my desk--which is in my room (watch how it looks like on my room tour vlog). Now, I love to work in the dining room and also love writing in living room. One thing I like writing in the living room because I can watch TV. Sometimes when I watch random thing on TV I'll get inspirations. Do you know, I got idea for writing this post when actually I watched Big Bang Theory while a go. Strange I know, but I am thankful, I made a post on Friday noon! 

Where are you usually write? In a coffee shop? In your Mom's bedroom? Maybe at the beach? Just make sure you feel comfortable and let the ideas come out!

3. Do you usually work while your social media accounts are in active mode? Well, I tell you now, TURN IT OFF. Not like TV, social media and internet are the worst distractions for me. You said, "Oh, I need internet for help me get some inspirations." Trust me I usually say that to make excuse before. But today I want to tell you and also myself, start writing without the internet.. or social media. You get enough inspirations and all you have to do now is just write. I am writing this without my internet connection on (I always make another draft on Words before I copy-paste it to Blogger).

So, whatever your distractions are, just cut it off and happy writing.

Any of you guys share about your writing or blogging essentials? Leave them on my comment box below, I would like to know. Happy Friday and stay awesome!


  1. LOL
    you should do "my life as a writer" !!
    I think people misjudged most fashion blogger as someone who can't write while in fact, writing is a HUGE part of our deskjob and only half about the clothings.. :)

    I will definitly TRY to change my coffee with water.. no promises tho!

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    1. omg I don't even know about people misjudged fashion blogger until you said it. well, every bloggers have to write something even photography blogger, they don't only let their pictures "talk".

      keep do your best and good luck!
      ps: I still drink my coffee kok :P