5 Pictures of Tuesday 05

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

5 Pictures of Tuesday is back! Sorry for a real lack updates, I have some Tuesday pictures in my folder actually. I have a serious problem about internet connection at home (we still couldn't find any good provider), so I am just using my phone's internet packet. I just don't care about using too much, I am really eager to share these pictures. Beside, someone asked me to make a post about this feature again. Hey, this is for you :P

(1) Well, apparently.. there are some honey "moon" in a honey "stars" cereal pack. Good to know!

 (2) This morning, I supposed to go to the beach for running, with Mom and Jeven (my brother). Sadly, rain keeps falling down. So I did little sketch for my blog layout. And a little reading on Abby's blog. I miss reading her pretty blog!

 (3) Today is holiday and I plan to spend my time in my bed. Yeaaaaah.

(4) Peeking into my working space. I re-arranged my corkboard with some new and fresh motivations, quotes and other reminders. See the little woody thing hanging on the top of the board? It's a Christmas present from my best friend, Kina. A carved of my name and a description of itself, then a Bible verse. I love it!  

(5) Habis hujan, terbitlah terang. Yes! Thanks God, I can go the beach later!


  1. I love your table and those cute hello kitty ;)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. I LOVE the fact that you also put keyboard stickers to your laptop. LIKE ME!!!