Eat in Bali: One Fine Day at The Porch

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 has been pretty nice for four days. Bali has been raining a lot these days, but thanks God we were still doing everything good right here. 

Andreas has been here since January first. He came along with his sister's family and we were having so much fun. Two days ago before we met his sister, we decided to have breakfast together. We both can't skip breakfast, so yeah this breakfast just for the two of us (:

I found this super nice place for breakfast after read Sharon's travel blog. She gave out 5 stars for The Porch so we just came here for having some breakfast. But apparently, we arrived a little bit late, so we had a bruch instead. I ordered a breakfast set while Andreas ordered his pasta. Well, everything what Sharon said about this place are so true! The meals are so delicious, the place makes you comfortable (I found a super nice private place at the back of this cafe, the place has a big couch and a bookshelf which is full of books!) and plus the waitresses (yes, all of them are women) are soooo nice! They will help you to explain everything about the menus since some of them are a set meal. But too bad I don't really like the coffee, I ordered Flat White but it just too plain for me. I still love the original Bali Coffee (Kupu-Kupu brand) either.

We had a nice breakfast and of course a nice talk. When we met, we just talk about almost everything. After spend almost an hour, we decided to have a walk. The rain was still falling down but we just didn't care. We took a selfie instead (: 

We are really a couple, aren't we? We're happened to be black and white!

One of my 2014 resolution is visit some good breakfast place in Bali. Thank you so much Sharon you did inspire me to do this. Well, this blog probably gonna have a new feature.. maybe sounds like "Breakfast at Bali".. how's it?

Jl. Danau Tamblingan No. 110, Sanur, Bali 
(0361) 281682

Oh anyway, I made a little post at Jen's blog while she's on her holiday vacation. You can check it out right here. Have a nice weekend everyone, stay awesome!


  1. cocuit banget sih berdua ajak aku doooooong :3 #MauBangetYaJadiOrangKetiga :))) anw glad that you two spent great time together salam yaa buat dedek :DD

  2. Entar kita berduaan juga aja ya, makanya you dtg sini buru gak pake lama ((: