More Than We Deserve

Friday, May 23, 2014

"Huff, finally it's break time," she took off her apron and sipped a glass of refreshing iced black tea.

"Are you just actually complaining?" suddenly one of her friend asked her. She raised her eyebrows. 

"Me? Complaining?" 

"Yes, I never heard you complain about something before. But you just had a heavy sigh." 

She laughed. 

"I am not complaining anything. I am tired, I need a deep breath. A deep breath makes you feel good." 


That was a short conversation between me and my friend at work, yesterday. I was pretty tired and plus, I was so hungry. When he noticed I just had a heavy breath, he misunderstood me that I was just complaining. The fun part when actually he said "I never heard you complain about something before".

Complaining is not my choice to do. Why I have to complain about doing a job that I love, why I have to complain about have a good health, why I have to complain about three-times-meals (even more than that!) everyday, why I have to complain about a blessed life?

Whenever I feel so miserable and start to complain about any kind of circumstances, I must know that I have more than I deserve already. I am nothing. God reminded me this morning that I am only made from dust. I am like a little wildflower, grows quickly, but when the hot wind blows, it dies. But because His love stands forever, He makes me become everything.

Today reminds me to always be joyful and enjoy everyday in my life. Complaining won't add any time in my life, it's only wasting my time. And please note, heavy sigh or take a deep breath are not a sign of complaining. They only make you feel better. Especially when you need some food. (:   

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