Think About This And That

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A: "What are you planning today?" 
J: "Hmm nothing much. I want to blog, still looking for inspirations."
A: "What are you thinking lately?"
J: "A lot. Hahaha." 

So, here we go. I just make a list about things I'm thinking about lately. Please don't bother my thoughts.

1. Recently I met people who often ask me about what I do for living, and when they found out I don't do 9 to 5 job, they are quite surprised. It's not like a 'good surprise', I believe. I was more like 'jobless' for them just because then. I could read their mind, somehow. When they 'try' to make conversation to know more about what I really do and to convince me that I 'should' do other job for living, and what I'm doing right now is not enough, blah and blah, this question came up: what's wrong with things that I do?  

Sometimes I just think people care way too much about other people lives. They think they know the best, but truth is, the best one for someone isn't always the best one for other one. Those people think I will make more money if I do a "job" that they expected I would do or not just "helping" my family to run a business. A big company like Samsung was born in a family and this era, almost everyone owns at least one of Samsung gadgets, including myself. If it's not me to develope (yes, I use 'develope' word biar makin intens aja) my family business, then who else? For those people who had tried to give me some "advices", thank you. But I did choose my own path, so I just live my life (:

2. This month is closer to the end, means my wedding is only NINE WEEKS away. As scary as it may sound, guess what, I think I'm not that scared anymore. My last visit to Jakarta, we finished all of our wedding stuffs. We picked our rings already, our pre-wedding pictures are done (and they are so beautiful!), we're also done dealing with the souvenirs. I think now we both can relax to plan our honeymoon trip *FINALLY*.

3. One of my mom's best friends was back from UK and since she has a family in Bali, she came for visiting us too. She is a very lovely and most humble person that I knew. She used to stay with us for couple weeks when I was a kid, so I'm easily treats her like my own mother. The first day me and my mom went out with her, we had a lovely lunch day. We also had a nice conversations, despite our nice meals too. She ordered almost everything and told me in that heavy asian-british accent, "We eat fish and chips and scone and potatoes, almost every day. I want to eat everything here!". I spent that afternoon with long chits-chats with her. I admire about everything she has done in life. If there's any chances for bringing her to meet you guys, I would, someday.

Anyway, she also gave me a pre-wedding gifts. Yayy, my first wedding gift! When she handed me a shopping bag that smells really good from inside, I was so surprised. It was a L'occitane products! Never once in my life I purchased L'occitane because the prices I can't afford, hahaha. It's really beautiful! I used the shower oil this morning and I smell good (please, don't sniff me :P). I plan to use the other products next month for better results till my wedding day.


  1. Ka Jane, really! 9 weeks to go? Glad that you finally done all the preps :) I'm looking forward for your pre-wed photos. And also, happy married and may God Bless your marriage life FOREVER :D and those pre-weds gifts are great! When will you go for honeymoon ;) ?

    1. Thank you so much dear for your wishes, you're way too sweet! <3
      We decided to go for honeymoon as soon as we're done with the reception dinner ((:

  2. Yeaa I agree if people mind their own business more than taking too much care on others' lives, the world will be an even more beautiful place. I even envy you for your 'at-home' job, it sounds like fun!

    Me too am excited for your day, can't wait to be there with you and be pretty with you (of course not prettier though LOL). Lancar-lancar ya semuanya cyinnn, see you soon!

    1. I'm always feeling grateful knowing you guys will be there on the most important day in my life, thank you so muchhh darling! can't wait to see you soon too! muach!


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