A Week At Home

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I realized I haven't shared my week at Bali home, so here some recap that I can share with you. 

We visited back home right on Chinese New Year day. It always feels great every time we get chance to get home, especially since we got married.

Remember back then I once mentioned that I gave myself a try to become a wedding planner? It was  happened and went very well! The client that I handled were actually friends of my parents'. I once met the couple when I visited Hong Kong few years ago with my mom. Yes, they are a family from Hong Kong, so it was a Hong Kong night I tell you.

The wedding took place in Tirtha Uluwatu. Tirtha is popular for those who fancy a private intimate wedding. The place is so beautiful and elegant. Too bad February's weather is not that good for a wedding actually. We barely saw sunset view that evening and it was a light raining during dinner. But I believe the photography team are the best. Can't wait for checking all the results!

I would like to tell more about my first experience to be a wedding planner, but maybe I will keep it for next time. To be honest, being a wedding planner is tough. You have to help the couple for planning the whole wedding from the beginning. And since my couple are overseas, they indeed need someone to assist their wedding. If there's another chance for me to assist another wedding in Bali, I'm sure to try it again. Beside, there will be another reason for going home too, yes? ((:

Despite of lack some pictures during home, I could say it was a very pleasant week. I spent my whole week at home watching movies with brothers, eating nasi babi, having ramen dinner with family, celebrating dad's birthday, and not to mention seafood dinner at Jimbaran. So much fun!

 My forever favorite lovebirds.

 With the lovely newlyweds! 

 The other nasi babi that I tried not long time ago. Looks perfect! 

 See you in another story, fellas! Stay awesome!


  1. Aaa fotonya bagus-bagus. By the way foto terakhir Vika gantian motoin sama Dedek ya hihi. Have a nice day, love!

  2. such a great post! looks like you have a happy family!
    visit my blog n maybe we can follow each others? lemme know yaa :)