Striped Sunday

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Around three weeks ago, I spent a fine Sunday with my ladies (one of them came with a plus one!). We had Korean lunch kind a day at Dubujib PIK, chits and chats, good laughs, and left some space in our belly for desserts. There was a little accident happened with one of our lady, but... as a (real) good friend, we couldn't stop laughing on her (sorry!). Ya, sudalah. That's why we are friends to each other, right? ((: 

And oh, we "accidentally" wearing stripes!

Before we went separately, we were having too much fun took bunch of pictures outdoor. Yes, these just a few of them. 

We are definitely looking forward to next meet-up. I miss them every single time. Let's arrange for another one, ladies. 

I wish everyone of you have a great week ahead. Stay awesome!


  1. Wihh akhirnya ngepost yang ini, mana VLOG-nyaaa hahaha. Seeing this makes me miss you guys even more, can't wait for the next meet up. Take care you, pretty Mama!

  2. Yess I love ALL your outfits haha! Also that fried chicken looks amazing...


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