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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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I'm so happy I did my post on the first day in 2013, well today is went quite fast, actually. I stayed at my room for whole day with my dear assignments. Sad? No. Because I spent my time to watch a Korean drama, I Miss You (high-recommended!), I don't know but I feel proud LOL 

So, how about your first day on 2013? Are you going to holiday? With family, friends, your loves and whoever is, I hope you have a great day and make sure you're gonna have a joyful year! Last night,
I did my goal-setting in Excel format, which is here: 

annual review
Yes it's blank. The contents are private :P 

I've done my goal-setting before in my journal, I even wrote it before the end of 2012, in November I guessed. I'm sure I am a goal-setter-addict! I don't like make expectation in my life or something like "going with the flow", no I'm not. I love making goals, although it's REALLY hard but I'm so excited! As you can read my post title, yes my theme for 2013 are experiencing and expanding.

1. Experiencing
I should experience moreeee than last year. Experience in my future job, financial things, relationship, NETWORKING, etc etc. I decided to play this game, I want to make 2013 to be a DAZZLING *yeah I love this word* year in my life.

2. Expanding
I got this theme when God told me "you have to enlarge your territory", I was quite shock and I asked God back like "what? where are You going to send me to?" But God said, "I have a plan, you have to be My partner. Let's do teamwork, Jane." I swear I don't know what is God going to do but I trust Him. And oh, last December I got a hint for this theme, a really BIG hint and I still so surprised, haha

The goal setting I made was based on Arriane's "the young go-getter's guide to staying organized and motivated", you can check it because it's really useful! I'm not Excel person but I dare myself to set my all goals with this tool, and it's fun. I choose to take this goals seriously (I mean real serious one, which I will be a professional one!). I know there are gonna be moreeeee challenge in 2013, but I have full confident to go through this year. You know why?

"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." -Isaiah 55:8-9

Yes, because I know my God is bigger than anything even my fears to catch all my dreams. I got this verse while doing my goal setting and I feel so happy. I thank God for everything in 2012, seriously... FULL OF SURPRISES. People say counts your blessings, yeah I'm trying to count but it's too much! Once again, thanks Lord God! (: 

How bout your goals for 2013, guys? Whatever are they, I hope you have bigger dreams for this year and let's we make it happens! Good luck and be blessed! 

New Year's picture above courtesy of Almara Shop, edited by myself.


  1. happy new year


  2. the article is super inspiring and there are plenty of useful tips, Jane
    thank you for sharing!
    good luck with your NY resolution :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. Happy New Year, Jane!
    Hope you will achieve all your goals :)
    this post is really inspiring!