5 Pictures of Tuesday 04

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

(1) I know I have to grow up and I am going turn to twenty two very soon *spoiler spoiler lol*. But I cannot give for this cute Kitty. Sometimes, my boyfriend forgot that I am a grown-up little girl so he bought me this when he came back from China. Of course I cannot be excited anymore when I got this! Anyway, this Kitty's style reminds me to Kak Diana Rikasari, because of her big hearted-glasses :P

(2) This is a sweet gift from my friend, Etin when I turned 21 last year. I never read classic novel like this but since she knows (and have read) lots of them, she bought this for me and I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. I don't want to spoil much about the story and maybe some of you have read this book. Two weeks ago I watched the movie version on FOX Movies. The film was great also! 

 (3) This is last week picture, when we went to Hard Rock Cafe
Our friends from Hong Kong visited us here in Bali for short escape. They wanted to go to Hard Rock and since me and Mom never bumped into this place so we went in :P
This is a sweet tooth we ordered, apple pie something, which was very good but very SWEET also.

(4) We are going outside today for work! I need something refreshing and since today it's #Octoberfirst, I asked my Mom to go outside. We are here right now in KFC, the place is wide and high speed Wi-Fi connection (this is the most important!). But the ironic thing happens. The place where we are sitting right now is no-smoking room. There's a sign in this room but the people still smoking like a boss. When Mom asked the waiter why they can smoke he just said, "There is a big window there, so they can smoke. You can move to other place there if you want." I was like "WHAT?". Oh, please..

(5) Another reminder that I got last week (:
ps: I got this on Tuesday, but I sticked to my diary entry on the nexy day, which was wednesday

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