Amazing Twenty Two

Friday, October 25, 2013

Excuse for my little bit-tired-face. Trust me, I am so happy about turning a new age! 

When I was hitting the number 20 two years ago, I made a promise to make 25th October more special, at least for myself. Special means less care about how many gifts that I would recieve (yes I love gifts, especially surprises, but that's not the point on my day), but more have time for monologue and talk with God, how I am so thankful that He makes me alive and be able to walk in a new path every single year.

Everyone deserves to feel special on a birthday, so pardon me because this post is dedicated just for myself *booo*

I never imagine about how my "twenty-something" looks like, the only thing I knew when I was a teenager, the twenty me could be a successful career woman, because that is I was always dreaming about. But I found my twenty years were beyond of my imagination. I graduated from college on time, I've known so many amazing people, I do blog, my family start a business and I decided to take a part, and the most important thing, I am currently on my way to pursue a passion.

Being older is great, because I know the fact that I am still growing up and God never stop pouring His graces into my life. And I am so grateful that God let me know and have some amazing people around me. Mom and Dad that always support, comfort and pray for me. Brothers that always being my best companions and reminds me when I do something wrong (a story of a big sister have brothers to learn from). Then Andreas, the one who suddenly becomes the most important person in my life. Thank you and I love you all. 

Last, being 22 is not opening a new leaf, but keep continuing and keeping the best in this life. Be happy, because today is my day. Happy birthday to me! 

“人生偶尔会走上一条陌路,像是没有指标的地图。别让他们说你该知足,只有你知道什么是你的幸福。” - David Tao (Twenty Two)

My most favorite thing on my birthday this year is because I can spend the day with my family! Too bad Dad and little brother cannot join us, but it still okay. This morning Mom came into my room and said "happy birthday my baby daughter" and kissed my cheeks. It was really a sweet morning! I am not a party person, I am not throwing a birthday bash. I simply treat Mom and brother to have a dinner in our favorite chinese restaurant. We ordered some special dishes that we rarely to order. This is a special day, we can eat whatever we want! Best thing is, the restaurant have a special 30% discount, wohoo! Here goes some pictures that probably you want to see. 

Special birthday cake for a special day! I tell you, this cake is WONDERFUL! 
Thanks Mom and Bro :D

Little member of our family wants to appear in a picture too, tehee!

 Special surprise came on my day! This thing was driving me crazy! I cannot stop smiling when I opened the box. Thanks a bunch for my two members of JJK! You guys are d best, wish I can hug you two now (":

 Remember these books on my #bookswanted list? Again, special thanks for my bestfriend for sending me these babies, one week before my day, haha! Seriously, thanks (: 

One fact about my twenty two day, I got some Hello Kitty presents, this is the one of them. I think they forget that the fact I am growing up? Molla. Can you guess what's inside this cute box?

Yeay I am 22! 
Thanks my dearest God (:


  1. Happy belated birthday sweetheart!!! everything looks amazing!! I'm always afraid to enter the big 20 but according to you it looks amazing!
    and thank you for your comment on my blog, it's hard to live in a circle where stick skinny is the thing..

  2. Mba Janeee... ini kenapa aku nyasar sampai sini ya.. 😂 wakakaka... Lagi nyari contoh tulisan "A Day in My Life" di blog temen-temen buat jadi referensi karena mau bikin jugaaa.. Malah ngebawa aku ke tulisan Mba pas masih ABG.. 🤪 wakakakak btw Happy Birthday mba.

    and Congrats for anything you've been through until now.. Life is a Miracle... 🥳