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Saturday, October 5, 2013

1. Remember when we was a kid, we like to read our storybook while lying on the bed, then our Mom would start to yell and told us it was really bad habit because that will damage our eyes. But now, it seems sooo casual to do in front of our Mom. Like what I did last night. She didn't complain at all..

2. I was reading "Don't Sweat The Small Stuffs" last night before bed, and I was thinking teenager phase is the most short phase in our life and being adult is always be a scary thing. Being teenanger is really a wonderful thing and how lucky we are, have been living as a teenager once in our life!

3. We had an appointment yesterday in a local hotel. Either me or Mom don't know where the hotel's location. We both suck on reading maps (even sophisticated map like Google has *duh*) so yeah.. we went around and around and around again in the city. But that was good, because now we are getting know more about Denpasar, since we live here, we have to more explore, right?

4. I miss sushi-date );

5. My Mom calls me 阿姨 (a-yi), which means "aunty". Because I am always getting sleepy around 11 PM, while Mom still getting up and like to watch tv shows. This is weird because seven years ago, when the clock just striked at 10 PM, she would come into my room and start babbling why I am still up. And I still remember she always tells me that young girls have to sleep early and you will get happy skin. Right, Mom? 

Feeling super excited about nothing today. I don't even know why. I am getting my dinner now and gonna watch Freaky Friday with Mom at 8. Happy weekend beautiful people, stay awesome! 

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